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Role And Impacts Of It In Sports

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Technology is not only limited on the field of engineering, medical, management. I think technology is equally important as technical field. IT plays very important role in sports. Role of information technology plays very important role in enhancing sports performance of players, coaches, and all mentors.

IT helps to avoid mistake in organization and administration of various sports and games at world level. If we see in cricket, football, volleyball, lawn tennis and all indoor and outdoor games, there is a use of IT for the purpose of close decision. in all these sports there is a use of IT. the use of IT is needed when ground umpires or referee unable to give correct or close decisions. IT can use in many ways, like are as follows: –

  • To update the health status of players.
  • Preparing training schedule
  • Video Feed back for players practices.
  • To assessment of physical activity by using Information Technology.
  • Storing the results
  • To analysis the team performance at the time of competition.
  • Online registrations and profile verifications.
  • Storing the personal data of athletes.
  • Search engine for the latest training in sports

Players take help of IT for the purpose of reviewing their results. Selection committee take the help of IT to review and give feedback and on that feedback, they select merit players for the team.

We can also take the help of IT for the purpose of reviewing the previous performance of any team or players. there are crores of results or data are they’re in sports field, we can take the help of IT for the purpose of storing of data or results in database system.

And with the help of data mining, selection committee gather important decisions at correct timing at right place when they needed.

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Here are some of the way’s technology can provide most of the types of support that someone trying to become or stay physically active needs. Now a day’s computer is widely used as a teaching purpose. In this era of globalization black board is quit away. Power point presentations, Video clips, Animation, Graphics, and Sound have become much more effective and needful, CD, DVD, MP3, are more useful in teaching. IN some way computer is applied in sports sciences, scoring systems, computerized test all evaluation can be largely followed. A coach keeps monitoring on the players. A computer helps us if any deficiency is found. Records of the player can be maintained for future plan Selection of players for various game and sports is an important for this multiple regression helps in many ways. Hence computer plays a significant role in storing research data and its analysis. Treatments in sports medicine involve Flexibility and strength building programme. Sports Medicine is the study, prevention and treatments of sports and fitness related injuries.

In these days, IT plays major role in enhancing the sports in all over the world. the most use of IT is in Olympic games, commonwealth games, world cup and FIFA. In organised sports, IT helps a management of sports to reduce the match fixing in any type of organised sports.

In 2008, Australian ball tampering scandal, also known as the sand paper gate scandal, was a cricket scandal surrounding the men’s Australian national cricket team. In march 2018, during the third test match against south Africa at new lands in cape town, Cameron Bancroft was caught by television cameras trying to rough up one side of ball with sandpaper to make it swing in flight. Captain Steve smith and vice-captain David warner were found to be involved and withdraw from Australian cricket from all three format.

These all fixing are taken place with the help of IT. if technology will not be developed at that time then the task of management team is very difficult to know the fixer.

At the start of 20th century, football was just beginning to gain popularity. Fans could only experience the game attending in person, catching the highlights through newspaper articles or by word of mouth. Today, technology saturates our lives, and we can now watch, listen, download, stream, record and project all aspects of the game through innovations made in technology. Advances in technology have dramatically influenced the game, the way it is played, and have helped to make professional football become Americas most popular pastime.

The role and impact of technology in our lives is ever expanding. Understanding how technology is shaped by innovative minds and how technology shapes people’s interactions with each other is important, not only for those who study, formulate and implement new technologies, but also for all people and organizations (like professional football) that use such technologies.

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