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A Study on Forests and The Areas Dominated by Trees

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The forest is a lot of trees. Many animals need a forest to survive and survive. Forests are very important and grow in many parts of the world. They are ecosystems that contain many plants and animals. Temperature and rainfall are two of the most important in the forest. Many places are too cold to dry. Forests can be from equator to Polar Regions, but other climates have different kinds of forests. In colder climates, conifers dominate, but in temperate and tropical climates, forests consist mainly of flowering plants. Forests vary according to precipitation. There are no trees in the desert, and there are several trees where roots can get ground water. Evergreen coniferous forests span Canada, Alaska, North Asia and Northern Europe. They consist of conifers that produce seeds from cones.

The winter weather is cold, but in the spring the snow is completely melted and part of the forest turns into a swamp. There are only eight trees in the conifer forest, including balsams, firs, and black spruce. There are many kinds of trees in the coniferous forests due to cold weather and poor soil. Fallen branches, needles and dead animals do not decay as quickly as warmer areas. This is why the soil of the coniferous forest is not fertile. In addition, only trees adapted to cold weather and poor soil were able to survive. These trees have flexible branches that support snowfall. Because of the needle shape, the water in the leaf is almost not evaporated.

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The deciduous broadleaf grows mainly in temperate regions of North America, Europe and Asia. It has a moderate climate in spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter, and shows rainfall of over 500 mm per year. Summer is warm and winter is cold, but it is not as cold as the northern conifer forest. In winter, snow covers the ground, deciduous trees and plants lose their leaves. Decaying leaves enrich soil nutrients. Many insects, spiders, snails, and insects create houses in this rich land. Wild flowers and ferns grow almost everywhere in the spring. The new leaves capture the sun’s energy and sprout the tall trees before they shade them.

Rainforests grow in South America, Congo, Indonesia and neighboring countries, Hawaii and eastern Australia. The rainforest is appropriately named because it rains about half a day. Since the only season in the rainforest is summer, the plants grow for 12 months throughout the year. The trees are tall and thick in the rainforest. The trees seem too close to form a big umbrella called a canopy. The air is rough because it is filtered through the dense canopy cover of the tree. The light that is filtered through this tree cover is faint and green. Plants can grow in the forests because there is enough sunlight along the riverbank and only in the cleared places. Millions of plants and animals live in the world’s tropical forests. The rainforest lives on other layers or layers of trees. Each layer has a special name such as ’emergent’, ‘canopy’, ‘understory’, and ‘forest floor’.

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