Purchasing Trees Online for Environmental Protection Essay

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Nowadays, the issue of saving our beautiful home, planet Earth, is more than burning. Each inhabitant of the planet must engage in this critically important process of doing one’s best. I considered this fact while choosing my extra credit activity. For extra credit activity, I engaged in purchasing trees online. In the following paper, I will share my experience, and will also explain in detail why this task appeared to be so meaningful for me. Overall, meditating on the situation I came to a conclusion that buying trees would become my contribution to improving the environment and helping to overcome some of the difficulties connected with the problem of global warming.

First of all, speaking about my extra credit class, it is important to specify some details of it. With regards to financial details, the price was $1 per tree, and I bought more than fifteen trees. I found this task very inspiring as I was meditating on its importance for our planet. Below, I am going to provide more details concerning this.

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Speaking about the most significant point for me in purchasing trees online, I would mention the important role that trees have in environmental protection. Regarding the problem of global warming, the theme of environmental protection appears to be very significant during the last few decades. People from more and more lands continue experiencing extreme climate problems caused by global warming. In this vein, it becomes significant that a decade ago common people but scientists and researchers did not think that global warming would have such terrible consequences; but today, when winter becomes too warm with an abundance of unseen natural phenomena such as extreme raining and terrible winds, and summer becomes too cold in a number of lands, people began to really think about the necessity of urgent measures directed into overcoming the effects of global warming. I am among such people as well. Before, when I heard about the global warming problem, I thought that it was not so bad because I enjoyed warm weather. However, nowadays I realize that it was a mistake as the weather simply changed, it not only got hotter. Today, the weather may be very different, and what is more frightening it becomes extreme. However, the weather is not the only problem caused by global warming. Global warming has many harmful effects on both man and the environment. It leads to increased evaporation causing the increase of annual rainfall especially in the areas that experience regular rainfall. High evaporation rates mean that there will be drier soils and, hence, less cultivation. This is a threat to food security. It leads to a rise in sea level resulting from the increased precipitation and thermal expansion of the oceans submerging tourist spots. Shrinkage of the ice cover on mountain peaks with the expectation of it being wiped out with time is another effect of global warming. It causes rising temperatures and increased rainfall which leads to the malaria epidemic which is the major disease-causing death among infants. It will also lead to the loss of forest cover because of a continuous increase in temperature together with decreased rainfall. It causes permanent rivers to become seasonal or even dry up completely due to increased evaporation rate affecting water supply and hydroelectric schemes. All of that motivates me to do my best in helping our beautiful planet-home to survive. That is why I participated in buying trees.

Next, buying trees is also important for me as I know how they are important for saving our forests. Forests and afforestation’s are not only responsible for improving the environmental protection saving us from global warming, but they are also a nice place to have some rest and to enjoy life for people. What can be more relaxing and inspiring for a family to rest than going to the forest, afforestation, or a park full of trees providing pleasant shade and relaxing chill? With all, of these facts in mind, I was joyfully working on my extra credit activity.

Now, that I acquired this user experience and new practical skills, I am more than determined to use this valuable knowledge to make my own contribution to saving our beautiful planet. The problem of global warming occupies my mind motivating me to go further than this. I would like to continue applying these newly received skills in practice in order to save our forests and afforestation’s from greedy people seeing nothing more than gain in everything that surrounds them.

As a final point, today, the problem of global warming becomes more and more complicated. Greedy people destroy our beautiful planet for their gain purposes. Among the things they destroy are trees which are so important in developing oxygen needed for the atmosphere balance and preventing the greenhouse effect. I believe it is more than vital to engage in the process of planting trees as actively as possible because they are the best option for working out the problem of global warming. Thus, I decided that buying trees would be my contribution to making the world a better place to live.

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