Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

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“There are other forms of intelligent life out there”[Brief answer to big questions,pg 85]. A controversial and thought provoking statement that more often than not catalysis a galaxy of valid questions. The question that has seemed to grip minds of those since the beginning of time: Aliens. Fact or Fiction . By definition an Alien is a resident of one country who owes allegiance to another country and has not acquired citizenship. Speaking factually over half of the world's populations are aliens. The Aliens that are going to be discussed in this essay are intelligent life beings that are supposedly millions of years advanced technologically as well as physically. In the 21st century the simple existence of aliens is questioned, therefore the essay will mainly expand on whether it is outlandish to think whether Aliens are Fact or Fiction. The essay will create an inquiry line as to how aliens may have appeared on earth as well as expanding on why theorising about the existence of aliens is simply fuelled by the arts and media.

The appearance of Aliens on earth

Rather than concluding a definitive answer at the beginning, a further dissection will be needed as to how aliens could exist. The mere life we talk about consists of many chains of carbon atoms, with phosphorus and nitrogen. The existence of the carbon atom itself is quite remarkable as many factors such as electric charge, QCD scale and space-time are constants which are required to be at specific values or the stability of the carbon atoms would be compromised. The anthropic principle, essentially states that constants are to be contained in certain parameters for life to exist as it currently does. Prior to the Big Bang carbon did not exist, and in the early stages of the universe a heavy element like carbon could not exist. Carbon itself is a versatile compound that appears regularly throughout the universe, and would be the base to other (intelligent) life.

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Circumstellar Habitable Zone

The CHZ or the metaphorically known as the goldilocks zone, refers to the parameter around a star which a planet's surface would hold water supply given the correct atmospheric temperature. The way in which planets are classed as being in the CHZ is down to where the earth is positioned and how much radiation is emitted from said planet. The substance which is thought to be a possibility on multiple CHZ planets is called extraterrestrial liquid water as it is water which occurs as liquid outside the realms of earth. On January 6 2015 NASA reported 2 of the three exoplanets observed were orbiting within habitable zones kepler 438b and kepler 442b. These earth-like size planets were suggested to have extraterrestrial liquid found on the subsurface. Why is this important? Water is a vital part of life as it allowed organic compounds to mix, as well as giving rise to early life form which led to advanced life form and protecting those inhabitants from dangerous radiation. The discovery of water on another planet creates a more solid inquiry line of the possibility that aliens exist.

The Impossibility of Aliens existing

The belief of aliens not existing is a much simpler belief to uphold as although we are classed as intelligent life, the human brain seems to limit themselves into believing only what they can see visually. The probability of Aliens existing in a civilisation like ours currently is questioned.

Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev scale supports the idea that our civilization is far from hosting other intelligent life, the scale essentially measures the advancement of the civilization down to the amount of notable energy it is able to produce and utilize. The scale has many classifications that are intergalactic, galactic as well as being multiverse. The classification we just about fall into is type 1, this civilization will be able to utilize all resources on the planet. It is estimated this will be reached in 100 or so years. The classification stage in which Aliens may be able to exist would be type 111, this is the galactic civilization where they have colonised the galaxy and extracted all energy from the stars. The energy output this civilization has will be 10 billion times that of more type 11. This scale in essence conceptualises the advancement we would require to harness a galaxy, and perhaps how far we are from even reaching type 1.

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