Do UFO And Aliens Exist?

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction: The Enigma of UFOs and Alien Life
  2. Historical Accounts and Popular UFO Sightings
  3. Scientific Perspectives on Extraterrestrial Life
  4. Government Reports and Classified Documents on UFOs
  5. Conclusion: The Ongoing Debate and Its Implications

Introduction: The Enigma of UFOs and Alien Life

“Each year, thousands of people report UFO sightings to various authorities. By one count more than 100,000 sightings have been reported since 1905,” (Par 9). There's no way that we are the only living organism in the whole universe, by that fact we can't ignore that we are not alone in the universe meaning aliens do exist. There is more than enough proof hidden by the Government, evidence that there are other beings amongst us. The public has fallen into the system of lies the government keeps making up including “There is no such thing as Area 51”. There is Extraterrestrial life out there, far out in the galaxy, but humans are just so afraid of the unknown, we forget this is a big deal but what will we do when E.T finally does decide to appear, what then?

Historical Accounts and Popular UFO Sightings

“Do Aliens Exist? Blink 182 Co-Founder and Ex-Pentagon Official Are Determined to Prove We’re Not Alone” A magazine that talks about Tom DeLonge, the former singer of a band called “Blink-182” a band that I still listen to right now. DeLonge started a project in 2017 named “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science”, and people like Elizondo, Chris Mellon and Jim Semivan joined the academy in search for more proof that aliens are out there and inform the public that it is no joke. Elizondo retired from the pentagon on October 4th 2017, and says the reason he left is because of the lack of importance and interest the pentagon was giving when it came to extraterrestrial life. He even states that 'certain individuals in the Department remain staunchly opposed to further research on what could be a tactical threat to our pilots, sailors, and soldiers, and perhaps even an existential threat to our national security,' (par 12). One of the pieces of evidence that Elizondo strongly believes in is an audio and video clip were pilots on a training mission at San Diego reported seeing 'vehicles' descending from approximately 60,000 feet down to 50 feet in a blink of an eye. One of the pilots reported that the vehicles looked like white Tic Tacs,” (par 14). Chris Mellon and Jim Semivan are also retirees who once worked in the pentagon, sometimes even as spies, they like many other believers hold on to the idea that there is evidence of Alien Abductions and Alien visitations in secret military X-files hidden from the public. You'd think it would be much easier for people to believe and support that aliens do exist, because after all they once worked at the pentagon, but no that’s not the case. The Academy made a MUFON conference where they presented the MUFON audience all sorts of research and evidence, but not many believed it. But Elizondo is still confident there Is something fishy going on because it wasn’t just UFO believers that showed up to the conference, he says 'You ready for this? Ukrainians and the U.N. Why would people from the U.N. and the Ukrainians, which we know are probably tied to the Russians, be there? they signed up. After they knew I was coming. Foreign intelligence. That means they're taking this seriously. Either they have a program or want a program, or they want to know if this is bullshit. But either way, don't look now but we have foreign interest,' (Par 34). Meaning that people around the world are taking it seriously, perhaps they are afraid of more evidence being leaked to the public, or could they also be spies? Maybe even they understand the importance of researching Extraterrestrial life. Another Magazine, “The Phantom Menace of UFO Revelation” Robert Sheaffer adds on to Evidence being hidden by the government by stating “the U.S. government knows that UFOs are alien craft and that they even have debris from crashed saucers, but they keep it all highly classified,” (par 11). It Is true that the Government is the best at hiding Information from the public, making us believe what they want us to believe, so could this be True? Robert, like Elizondo also believes that the U.S Government isn't the only Government hiding Alien Evidence, that there are many other places such as the U.K, France and Germany, and even Mexico doing the same. His theory does make sense, this is the theory most UFO believers believe in and I myself believe it too because there is no way we are alone in the universe, it just keeps being hidden from us, because they don’t want the public to panic.

Scientific Perspectives on Extraterrestrial Life

A news reporter asks Edgar Mitchelle, a 77-year-old who once worked for NASA and walked the moon for 9 hours in the Apollo 14 mission, she asks him how he feels about UFO’s and he responds by saying he is “totally sure” there is alien life out there. 'We have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real -- though it's been covered up by governments for the last 60 years or so,' (par 4). Unlike him NASA says Aliens do not exist, But Edgar was an ex-Astronaut, he knows what he’s seen out there, NASA keeps denying it because they can't say something like “yes he is right, there is life out there” because they work for the Government and the Government wants this hidden. But ever wonder how they really look like? Another believer Dr. Seth Shostak told News reporter Kaku 'I've bet a cup of coffee to any and all that by 2035 we'll have evidence of ET,' (par 6). He is very right, with so much technology being made at a fast pace, we will definitely be able to see a glimpse of E.T’s UFO one day and then we’ll all be able to say “I told you so”. Kaku then proceeded to interview experts in exobiology and based on their research they do not agree that Aliens look like the little green men we see in the movies, they are completely different. They told Kaku “The aliens, like humans, would have stereo vision, which allows eyes to compare images and track distance, The aliens would have some form of opposable thumbs or grasping appendages, They would also need to have language,” (par 8-10). They explained to Kaku that an animal on earth that an animal that has stereo vision and graspable appendages Is the octopus, the octopus is only missing language. But that on a different planet, they could easily develop a language of their own and the intelligence to do so. But changes like these happen based on the environment, meaning life can surely exist and develop in other moons and planets. Dr. Shostak adds on to this by saying “there must be a Jupiter-sized neighbor to keep asteroids and debris out of the planet's path and the Earth-like planet requires a moon to stabilize it,” (par 2). But there are more than 20 billion planets that have these conditions already, so aliens are definitely out there.

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Government Reports and Classified Documents on UFOs

We live in a Beautiful yet cruel world that we constantly take for granted. We pollute our world and it seems we don’t care for it, so many people live unhappy lives. That is why so many people are led to believe in a “myth” that Aliens will come to earth and cleanse it, purifying everything that’s wrong. In “Aliens: A Social Phenomenon” Achenbach explains that “Much of the 'mythology' that has gathered around belief in UFOs and alien visitations promises that, at some future time, the aliens will teach us how to be kind, loving, and happy,” (par 7). He also says, “It is not only our personal and spiritual problems, but larger social and environmental problems that keep many of us hoping for extraterrestrial help,” (Par 10). People are unhappy with the levels of pollution in our planet earth, but also have their own problems such as depression and anxiety. People believe Aliens are friendly and kind, that they will visit earth and solve all of our problems, from personal to environmental. This “Aliens are friendly” theme is becoming more and more famous. There are actually many alien movies that have this sort of theme, movies like “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” A movie where Aliens come to earth and take a little boy and a girl, and both male and female of every animal species on earth, they then end the remaining life on earth and basically restart life. There are so many stickers, banners, and shirts with this theme and message “we come in peace” but do they? What if they aren't friendly? Another book by Susan A. Clancy “On the outer limits of belief” states the opposite. She wrote about a group of people she interviewed that claimed they have been abducted by Aliens, she adds on “Many reported feeling pinned down in their beds, unable to move,” (Par 7). She explains that many of the abductees reported seeing flashy lights, a lot of buttons and weird humming and ringing noises. Some even reported the weird skinny figures poking needles on their arms and legs, and whispering things to them, things unable to understand. Some women even said they were touched and raped by aliens “The majority of abductees reported that they had been sexually or in some other way physically violated by their alien kidnappers,” (Par 3). What if the Aliens aren’t friendly at all, what will we do when they attack? No one believes these victims and that’s honestly so sad, everyone takes it as a joke, when it should be taken seriously. People aren’t making these stories up, why would they want to embarrass themselves to the public like that?

Although many professionals and researchers, including doctors and theorists believe in this phenomenon, there is still space for the non-believers. Unfortunately, Bishop is one of the many Nonbelievers, he doesn’t believe any of the victims and evidence. “In an attempt to explain the elusive nature of this intelligence, Greg Bishop uses a co-creation hypothesis. This hypothesis argues that UFO alien intelligence interacting with humanity is so alien that the human mind describes it the only way it can, which accounts for the varied sightings and encounters,” (Par 6) Bishop has this idea that us humans are afraid of the unknown, we don’t exactly know what that object in the sky is, so our minds makes up all sort of creations, lastly blaming it on Aliens. He like Jenny Randles from the book 'Alien abduction: part one of two: the invasion begins!' believes that all UFO encounters are fake and have a reasonable explanation behind them. Jenny Randles explains his disbelief in Aliens by saying “There are all sorts of different things that people mistake for alien spacecraft: satellites, the planet Venus, airplanes and helicopters, reflections, headlights, clouds--and even outright hoaxes,” (Par 7-8). Some even link the victim's stories to mental illness. But not all the Alien Abduction victims have mental illnesses, most are healthy and well, they didn’t just make up the stories because they know what they saw. People don’t take it serious though, as a matter of fact the government could say that Aliens do exist and some still wouldn’t believe, saying it's all another lie. We keep ignoring the fact that we are not alone, the government simply hides everything from us, and drags us into their system of lies. Everything Extraordinary can yet be explained away, but only we know the truth.

Conclusion: The Ongoing Debate and Its Implications

The universe is an infinite amount of empty space, full of astrological bodies floating around. As a human we are but a mere tiny speck compared to the vastness of space, in all of the billions of years the universe has continued to grow, there is no way possible that aliens don’t exist, be it from the smallest microorganism to largest of beasts. There Is a ton of evidence and witnesses of this phenomenon, except the government locks it away from us and people continue to call it hoaxes. But Its up to us to keep researching and prove that Extraterrestrial life does indeed exist. 'UFOs are real. And it represents advanced technology in our skies. If we want to advance as a civilization, this is something we have to focus on.”

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