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Why Aliens Look Like Octopuses?

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Christie Wilcox explains the reasoning behind the common sight of cephalopods representing aliens, in her Quartz article. She explains the different living situations between humans and the tentacled marine animals to point out the ways of how each species thrive are not interchangeable. After reading the passage, it is no stretch to say that octopuses and squids have personalities. Nevertheless, the inconsistencies of their behaviour, combined with their apparent intelligence, presents an obvious trap of the embodiment of being human.

Wilcox mentions how it may be possible for aliens to resemble octopuses, since humans already live in a different world than marine life. The ocean is a parallel to space because humans can not be in each for too long or they will die. So, people can not disprove the claim that there may be heptapods living on a different planet and building a world for themselves. Although declared in Wilcox’s writing, opinions of octopus intelligence consequently vary within the scientific community.

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The alien in the critically acclaimed E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is my favorite depiction. He has been called “squashy looking”. He has 3 toes on his feet and 5 fingers on his hand. Two of the fingers are elongated to more than two times the length of the others. In the movie, he is not a creature to fear visually speaking. Although E.T. is physically weaker and smaller than a human, he has superior mental faculties. Also, he is able to move objects with his mind alone. This shows the significance of desiring intelligence rather than strength. E.T. showed me how rewarding it is to grow in knowledge and how powerful knowledge can be. In this film, the friendly creature is always the smartest “person” in the room.

Empathy allows E.T. to feel the emotions of others in his group while Broadcast Empath lets his group know his feelings. E.T. was able to adapt human technology to get the result that his own technology could make. In every other movie, aliens are typically perceived to be enemies. As for E.T. he means no harm in anything he does. He built a communications device to send out an S.O.S. to his own kind, since they were out of range of his Empathic link. In short, E.T. is extremely intelligent and kind, an image we should familiarize, instead of the usual scary monsters shown on the silver screen.

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