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UFO And Alians

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Do you believe in creatures outside the Earth? Yes, I do. Hello, everyone. It’s good to see you all here. As you probably know, I’m Intuon Sinlapavijitkarn. Today I’m going to talk about a mystery of the world, UFO and Alien. The information I give you today should raise your awareness of lives outside our world. I’ve divided my talk into three parts. First, we will be looking at UFO sighting report. Then I’ll move on to Alien existence possibility. I’ll end with some argument against them. My talk should take about 5 minutes. OK, shall we get started?

As you all know, my topic today is UFO and Alien. The purpose of my talk is to provide you with the evidence of their existence. So, let me give you its definition. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. The term is widely used for a spacecraft from another planet. Alien is generally used to call extraterrestrial life from a different planet (Hey & Holloway, 2015).

This leads us to the first point, UFOs sighting. There are many reports about strange objects in the sky. The New York Times released declassified videos showing UFO in 2017. In the last year, it just has been confirmed by the Navy officially that the craft in the videos is unidentified aerial phenomena, another name of UFO. It means that the videos are authentic. Also, the New York Times (2019) has interviewed those navy pilots. They said that ‘the video showed objects which had no engine accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and turns — something beyond the physical limits of a human crew.’ The objects still have not been identified as any known type of aircraft, world’s aircraft. Then, what it is?

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Let’s now turn to the next point. The reality of Aliens. In this decade, NASA and astronomers found several habitable planets which have atmosphere like Earth. Likewise, Gilbert V. Levin (2019), the principal investigator on NASA Viking missions to Mars, stated that he found microorganisms life that could survive and grow on Mars. Jill Tarter, the director emeritus of SETI institute which is a research contractor to NASA, also said that biology on this planet may have done elsewhere. If the volume of space is equal to the volume of world’s ocean, in 50 plus years, we’ve observed only about one hot tub. We need to think in terms of cosmic times, not human lifetimes. Because we’ve not found anything, we cannot decide we’re alone (WIRED, 2019).

Meanwhile, as I said earlier, some people said UFO sightings are an optical illusion, autokinetic effect (Rice, 2019). When our eye muscles start to tire staring at stars, we might mistakenly attribute the movement to them. There is another optical illusion like reflection. Astronomer Andrew Young details a subsun effect as bright solar reflects from ice crystals floating in the air. It could resemble a UFO (Vergano & Bergengruen, 2017). Whereas, according to the New York Times interview, a navy pilot Lieutenant Accoin picked the objects on his radar, if it was an allusion, it should not be seen on it.

Well, this brings me to the end of my presentation. Today I have given you the reality of UFO and Alien, and some illusion theories which are refuted. It’s hard to find its existence but proving that there are no existing is even harder. Yet, we should be careful and receive only the report from authorities or officials. ‘Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens?’ It’s not the right question. It should be ‘What is outside the Earth?

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