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Analytical Essay on Conspiracy Theories and Illuminati

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We all find interest in conspiracy theories, and the recent world events have made the world talk about them more frequently. A concept known as the New World Order is about conspiracy theories that dictate how the world should be ruled. The theories suggest that there should be a single authoritative type of government ruling over the whole world, with a significant cut in the world population. One of the most widely known conspiracy theories is about the Illuminati, an organization that is believed to want this new world order; no states with territories and a single world government.

Ever since Covid19 started to spread, it has made the whole world fall into the vicious cycle of forming their own conspiracy theories about the pandemic. The theory that Covid-19 is a bioweapon is widely known, however, who knows, maybe this Covid-19 is actually an agenda of the Illuminati. This of course has no proof or evidence since the Illuminati group is said to be secretly in control of the world (Gill 2017). If this is true, then Covid-19 is a pretty good shot in promoting the agenda of the Illuminati, since confirmed worldwide cases according to the news have reached 4.3 million+ and the virus deaths have totaled to more than 294,000. Moreover, a senior World Health Organization official has said that the virus may never go away and do not get high hopes to expect any vaccine (NY times 2020). And there is no telling when all of this will end. It may take a few months or even a year. Whatever the case will be, Illuminati seems to be on the winning side. The history of other pandemics is evident to the fact that the population can be abruptly reduced, for instance, the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 killed 40-50 million people (LePan 2020). In the future, complex technologies such as gene-editing technology can be utilized to fulfill Illuminati’s needs, where human genes can be altered to halt human growth and human reproduction, but this is probably too good to be true. Moreover, an airborne germ can be injected into the air in large volumes, thereby killing a population.

d. Along with maintaining peace, one goal of the United Nations is to contribute to the development of the countries. It was the UN that transformed the destroyed cities after the World Wars by the help of the World Bank. If the UN can solve issues of such extreme, we can hope for its help in many of the issues that are or are not, the result of the actions of the developed world.

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The first and foremost thing the UN can do is promote equal representation for everyone. There is some passive business in the UN, especially from the fact that the UN Security Council does not have a proper international representation, with a few non-permanent members along with the five permanent China, France, Russia, UK, and US (Ahmad 2017). Perhaps, the UN has unofficially favored the countries that have the highest contribution to the UN budget, for e.g. the US and Japan. Countries like Pakistan are nowhere to be seen on the list. So what we need is an assurance by the UN of its selfless support to the countries in need regardless of their financial contributions, or else the UN will only act as a puppet to the developed world.

The developed world has created some obstacles for the developing nations such as the exercise of superiority over developing countries, which has made the developing nations suffer one way or another, and that requires the UN’s intervention. The attacks surrounding the murder of Qasim Solemani by the U.S and Iran on each other’s property is an example. Donald Trump’s imposition of severe economic sanctions after the war has caused Iran to suffer, especially with the shortage of proper medical supplies and PPEs during the Covid19. Iran has also received a threat from the US on the destruction of its heritage sites, which is a severe crime. The UN needs to intervene in issues such as this, and the UN can exercise its full motives of UNESCO to ban any such actions against cultural sites. Also, If the UN claims being so humanitarian, it only makes sense that it eases the sanctions on Iran so the country can fight the coronavirus properly.

Other than that, with the reduced worldwide population on the streets due to the covid19 lockdown, the UN can work on environmental and pollution issues that have been perpetuated by the extensive use of fossils for electricity production. The energy sector is responsible for around 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide (United Nations 2020). The UN is helping areas turn to renewable energy. For instance, Water boreholes are powered by solar panels in Nigeria that are improving the lives of Nigerians displaced by conflict (United Nations 2020). Hence, measures like these by the UN in both developed and developing nations can further reduce pollution. Furthermore, Pakistan’s loss of 70,000+ human lives due to its participation in the Afghan War on terror has devastated the country. Even then, Pakistan’s efforts are not being openly recognized as some countries go as far as to term Pakistan as a terrorist funding state. A unified approach is required here, and it is the UN that can carry it out. if the UN is more open and clear about Pakistan’s and other unpopular states’ contributions to humanity, its narrative can go a long way in improving the image of countries like us.

Moreover, the recent debt relief by the World Bank for the developing countries due to the covid19 pandemic has garnered appreciation worldwide. Measures like these give us hope for the unbiased role of the UN in solving issues. They make one thing clear to us: the UN has the potential to solve the complex issues of the 21st century. Thus, the role the UN can play in solving issues of the developing countries is of great importance.


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