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The Simpsons and Illuminati: Critical Overview

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Table of contents

  1. Topic: The Simpsons and Illuminati
  2. Introduction:
  3. Body:
  4. Conclusion:
  5. References:

Topic: The Simpsons and Illuminati

  • General Purpose: To persuade
  • Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that The Simpsons is related to the Illuminati conspiracies
  • Central Idea: The Simpsons and Illuminati can be related based on how The Simpsons has accurately predicted the future in the episodes such as the 9/11 attack, Donald Trump's Presidency, and Lady Gaga’s performance.


  1. The world’s most well-known animated television series, The Simpsons started and released the first episode on 17th September 1989. Over its nearly 30 years of running the series, The Simpsons has been recorded as the longest-running sitcom in television history. Nevertheless, it has been strangely predicting the future events with accuracy since the first episode but the show seemingly has a dark secret, it has foreseen some of the most significant moments in history before they have happened.
  2. Many individuals have claimed that The Simpsons show is being controlled by the secret society so-called Illuminati and is being used as a tool to baffle the public. The Simpsons has shown an impressive ability to predict the future we have witnessed horrifying events that have come true and that without a doubt have passed into history.
  3. Some people may argue that The Simpsons has been running for almost 30 years so it’s inevitable that some themes that cropped up in the show might occur in real life. However, some of the font lines are eerily close to the events that have happened throughout the world.
  4. Due to the fact Illuminati became a joke when so many conspiracy theories came out about the secret organization and make it looks like it is a fake thing. Illuminati have been known as The All Seeing Eye who is the most powerful organization and has controlled the media all over the world. As I’ve been growing up as a Muslim who believes about The Dajjal, “one with blind one eye” as it has stated in the Quran about the existence and the reality of Dajjal, I believe that the Illuminati and Dajjal are so much relatable.
  5. In my speech, I’d like to show you according to some The Simpsons episodes of some predictions that were successfully revealed which are the 9/11 attack, Donald Trump's Presidency, and Lady Gaga’s performance, I’d like to persuade each of you about The Simpsons can be related to the Illuminati conspiracies.

(Transition: Let’s begin by looking at the first main point which is the 9/11 attack.)


I. The first main point is about the 9/11 attack incident.

  • A. In the episode of The Simpsons titled The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson on 21st September 1997, there was a moment that alluded to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City.
  • B. According to Maya Salam, in the website of The New York Times, in the episode of The Simpsons, she quoted “there is a frame where there is a brochure that says New York at $9 a day, and behind the nine are the twin towers that clearly look like an eleven, and that makes it look like 9/11”. This episode was aired exactly four years before the attack had happened on 11th September 2001.
  1. Thus, what makes it related to the Illuminati? There is some remarkable image drawn on a card in the 1990s board game that shows an eerily accurate representation of the burning Twin Towers after the 9/11 attacks. This game was based on the successful book trilogy, The Illuminatus, and was a satirical take on the topic of a global conspiracy.
  2. The card game or The Terrorist Nuke card depicts drawings of two large towers with an explosion ripping through the middle of one of the buildings. The top of the building is also tipping to the right, suggesting it is about to collapse. Terrifyingly, the cards in the Illuminati card game so-called as Steve Jackson’s Illuminati: The Game Conspiracy, seem to foresee the attacks which it was released in 1995 and chillingly resembled to the images of the 9/11 attacks in New York. (Austin, 2016)
  • C. It might a bizarre thing that people could think of. But, The Simpsons was not the only show that had been predicted about 9/11 attack. Does it make sense that the shows, books, or card games have exactly the same thing and make it look like a coincidence? There were some shows that also had predicted the 9/11 attacks which are:
  1. Johnny Brave in the episode of “Chain Gang Johnny” and it was aired 27th April 2001. In the episode, there was a frame with a burning building in it with fire and smoke and it said ‘Coming Soon’ and 9/11 happened a few months after this episode was aired. (Raj, 2016)
  2. “Asi Sufre Latino America” was also one of the predictions that came from a book written by Jose Borja for almost 20 years before the 9/11 attack that it had a front page with a twin towers which one of it was collapsing and exploded.

(Transition: For your information, The Donald Trump episode is so famous and one of the reasons people said that The Simpsons were predicting the future. )

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II. The second main point is about Donald Trump's presidency.

  • A. The all-time popular episode that has been talking by people is The Donald Trump presidency in the 17th episode during season 11 with the title “Bart to the Future”. This episode tells about Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States (US) and The Simpsons predicted 16 years ago in 2000 that Donald Trump would one day become US president as we all know Donald Trump won the election in 2016.
  • B. The second time The Simpsons took a peek into the future; Lisa Simpsons has become “America’s first straight female president” from an outgoing President Trump in the episode.
  1. In a cabinet meeting, she offhandedly mentions, “We inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump”. It initially was a reference to Trump attempting a run as a Reform Party candidate but the words gained much more validity when Trump was elected as president in 2016. (Bloom, 2018)
  2. She asked how bad things have got, to be told the country is broke, as the previous regime invested in the nation’s children but “created a generation of ultra-strong-super-criminals”.
  3. What may have seemed in 16 years ago, it was an implausible fantasy that was intended as “a warning to America”, told the episode’s creator to The Hollywood Reporter. (Addley, 2016)
  • C. Thus, what is the relation between Illuminati and Donald Trump? Previously the Illuminati card game shows about the 9/11 attack. Once again this terrifying card game holds an image similar to an angry-looking Trump, taken in 2011.
  1. The card’s title was Enough is Enough and it reads: “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you…have a nice day.” (Hickson, 2016)
  2. Many see this as a direct reference to an assassination of the person on the card.
  • a) An alleged assassination attempt has already failed on the president-to-be.
  • b) Michael Sandford, 20, is accused of trying to grab a police officer's gun to shoot Mr. Trump at a campaign rally in Las Vegas.
  • c) And a terrifying radio broadcast previously predicted the man's assassination.
  • d) Donald Trump has certainly ruffled a few feathers and insulted many of his opponents making this card all the more believable.

(Transition: Now, let’s get a move to the last main point which is the Lady Gaga episode in The Simpsons.)

III. Last but not least, the third main point is about Lady Gaga’s performance.

  • A. In a 2012 episode of The Simpsons titled Lisa Goes Gaga, when the singer puts on a show in Springfield, flying through the air on wires in a wild outfit. (Locker, 2017)
  • B. Five years later, Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show was held just like the predictions made by The Simpsons un bizarrely accurate details. (Hancock, 2017)
  1. In her appearance in Super Bowl LI’s Pepsi Half Time Show, Lady Gaga descended from the roof of Houston’s Stadium, and fans were quick to point out the similarities and resemblance between the stunt and 2012 The Simpsons episode.
  • C. Lady Gaga is recognized for her bizarre outfits and stage sets. Many people believe she is the queen of the modern-day Illuminati with her Illuminati symbolism, triangles, and unicorns in her music videos and music performances. (Beliefnet, n.d.)
  1. Lady Gaga does the hidden eye sign repeatedly in her music video, Just Dance. The Hidden Eye, or more importantly, the one exposed eye, represents the All-Seeing eye of the Illuminati.
  2. In 2009, Lady Gaga was seen flashing a Triple Six in front of an all-seeing eye while performing Alejandro during her The Monster Ball Tour. All the dancers had a vest with an all-seeing eye on a triangle.
  3. There were so many articles written about Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Half-Time Show is full of Illuminati symbolism such as the pentagram, 666 signs, checkered floors, and all the basic symbols.


  1. In conclusion, all of these theories might sound ridiculous and make no sense, but many people won’t come out with all of these speculations without any research or further investigation.
  2. As I said earlier about The Dajjal and Illuminati were so much relatable as it is a fact that cannot be denied because the existence of The Dajjal has been written in the Quran and Sunnah. So, the same goes to the Illuminati and The Simpsons episodes which are the 9/11 attack, The Donald Trump Presidency, and Lady Gaga’s performance which are way too much to say them as coincidences.
  3. It is a possible thing, why not? The fact that there could be some, all-knowing organization under everything. The point I’m saying is, that nothing is impossible. Sometimes you just got to look at something with an open mind though it may seem crazy on the surface.


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