Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the Hope of Mexico

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The streets of Mexico are infested with criminals, who are causing Mexico to bleed. It is very clear that Mexico is infamously known for its exploitation and violence. The previous presidents have selfishly allowed Mexico to get beaten down by oppressors and neglected the people, leaving them to suffer the consequences. Are the citizens of Mexico ever going to feel safe in their own homes? There is hope, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, has risen and is persistent in changing the ways of Mexico. His propositions and strategies that he has proposed are changing the injustice, corruption and economic inequality in the country.

When it comes to insecurities and injustices in the Mexican community, cartels are the ones to blame for this calamity. They are the main contributors to most of the violence and poverty that takes place in the streets of Mexico. Homicide rates are peaking, and it will continue to increase if no one pays any attention to the issue. Of course, there is no easy solution to this conflict, but it will be resolved. AMLO has proposed a few strategies that he believes will cause a downturn in crime. A tactic that has immensely caused controversy is the ‘Abrazos y no balazos’ plan, meaning ‘Hugs and not bullets’. Eyebrows are being raised and his approach is being questioned. Yes, the idea seems naive but, what people fail to acknowledge is that he is trying to cease wars from breaking out in broad daylight peacefully. The drug wars against the police and cartels only aggravated citizen insecurity. However, the crime rate actually is dropping in many cities. For example, Tijuana, the most dangerous city in Mexico, had the crime rate declined by 9%, ever since AMLO had been elected president. That’s a massive improvement compared to the previous years of violence in Tijuana.

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AMLO is also utilizing the National Guard as a tactic to confront the vicious cartels. However, the police institution has left a bad reputation in the eyes of the people. There have been multiple crimes that go unreported because people don’t trust the police. Some army men and policemen have been affiliated with the cartels and sided with them instead of protecting innocent citizens in the previous years. The Mexican Congress validated AMLO’s proposal “o tackle the public security crisis and pronounced that the National Guard would have a nonmilitant appearance, which means it will make the people feel more secure in their homes. It contains 60,000 members, and they will ensure the public’s safety from the drug wars. If any of the members that seem to be engaged in any suspicious activity they will be indicted and tried in civilian courts.

For innumerable years the citizens of Mexico have been dominated by the unstable economy that has made them sleep in poverty. AMLO recognized the economic difference in Mexico and has vowed to improve the conditions. He has offered so many things to the people such as benefits for those in need. He believes that the poor must come first rather than the wealthy. The political party, Morena, created by AMLO, has established a welfare program to aid those with disabilities, the elderly and the young. He has banned the ex-presidents from receiving any kind of income, such as retirement money. They have taken advantage of the citizens and only kept the money for themselves and AMLO wasn’t going to allow that injustice anymore. Therefore, the money that the previous presidents received now goes to the elderly. The retired now have the opportunity to receive money to provide for themselves.

Another way AMLO has contributed to his community financially is by offering scholarships to those aspiring in education. He has funded millions of dollars into scholarships so that low-income students can attend school. He believes that the only way to eliminate poverty and violence is through education and he supports this by funding schools.

Coming from a low-class family, AMLO has recognized the hardships his people face every day. For instance, the employment rate is vastly low, due to the low income that labor workers receive. He has given the opportunity to those who struggle to find a job, get employed. He also increased the minimum wage to 103.68 Mexican pesos; it has caused a positive growth in employment. He has another approach to improve the unstable economy and it is by reducing the spending of the government office. AMLO decided that by slashing the budget in the government office by 90% will improve the economy greatly. This has helped contribute to the welfare programs for those in need.

The biggest infection of all that is causing the Mexican people to undergo is the corruption that takes place everywhere. It comes from the media, oil companies and the government itself. AMLO has improved the conditions by taking action directly and having no regrets about doing them. Media entertainment in Mexico is the fastest way to spread rumors and corruption. For example, the TV giant Televisa has been corrupted and the people were clueless. They have been getting away with fraud. Other companies that are well known and loved by the people are: Bimbo, that national bakery product, Lala, producer of dairy products, and Telmex, a phone company. They have all been accused of robbing the people, by not paying any taxes. AMLO has imposed those companies to pay taxes as they should have in the first place and the companies are not elated about it. Pemex is another corrupt corporation that has had an extensive amount of oil robbed. AMLO established a new reform to stop the felony. His plan was to shut down the pipelines so it would be impossible to steal any oil. His strategy was effective and the embezzlement of oil declined up to 90%. The government has always been the primary cause of corruption. It is full of selfish people who only take advantage of their job and the people. The political party ‘El PRI’ is distinguished from normalizing corruption and has made it a way of putting power into practice. The citizens of Mexico have been in an ongoing battle with ‘El PRI’, therefore, AMLO created a newer political party ‘MORENA’ that is considered to be “without individualism, opportunism, nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, sectarianism, clientelism or any of those political scars”, - states AMLO in an assembly. MORENA has given many opportunities to the people and has established a reputable organization for the people to rely on.

AMLO’s propositions may be controversial but his intentions in truly changing the country are pure. He is one with the people. He listens, he answers and he lives with the people. He is someone who genuinely loves his country and will devote his time to improve the living conditions for his people. In order to stop the cancer of corruption, injustice, and inequality it takes someone who really wants a change in society. AMLO is the hope of the Mexican people and he will prove que si se puede.

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