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Anna Quindlen Essays

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The Idea Of One Human Race In The Works Of Anna Quindlen, Eboo Patel And Abraham Lincoln

After the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001, on the twin towers, it left the world in a state of fear and distrust. In these three speeches, titled “Quilt Of A country” where others should come together as one unit, “Making The Future Better, Together”,when it shows how the generations come together. and “The Gettysburg Address” in which Abraham Lincoln also explains how we have to unite. Anna Quidlen, Eboo Patel, and Abraham Lincoln all summarize how people with their...
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The Issues Of Mental Health And Literary Devices To Depict It In The C Word In The Hallway By Anna Quindlen

In her vehement article, The C Word in the Hallway, Anna Quindlen addresses and exploits the issue of mental health in children and the ignorance that trails behind it. Quindlen utilizes pathos and ethos as well as multiple accounts of extended metaphors and repetition in order to urge parents, caregivers, and even teenagers to stop undermining the extremities of mental health and to start acknowledging it as a treatable illness. Her use of explicit and straightforward diction and criticism evokes...
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Analysis of Anna Quindlen’s Thesis

Quindlen’s thesis is how important the idea of a home is for an individual’s life. For instance, “No drawer that holds the spoons. No window to look out upon the world. My God. That is everything”(Quindlen 106). Quindlen argues that a home should have the essential requirements to make a home feel like your own, even the basic necessities like a drawer that holds the spoons. Purpose and Audience I think Quindlen’s purpose in writing this essay is to show...
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Consumerism And Materialism In The Essays Of Anna Quindlen And Lars Eighner

We are living in a world where it is more important to own an iPhone 11, than to have a plate of food in our homes. Lars Eighner and Anna Quindlen have both written personal essays about consumerism and materialism. In Eigner’s personal essay “Dumpster Diving” he portrays how he can make a living by searching dumpsters, and how people don’t acknowledge things that are yet helpful and important. Likewise, Quindlen’s essay “Stuff is Not Salvation” touches on the contemporary...
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Crucial Points In The Article Stuff Is Not Salvation By Anna Quindlen

Quindlen, Anna.” Stuff is not salvation”. She argues that people waste their money on unnecessary things, stuff can temporally bring happiness and satisfaction. The author explains to her audience some interesting assertions about the consumer culture. Quindlen explains to the reader why stuff do not bring real happiness. I agree with some of the author’s points to an extent, people need to stop wasting their money on unnecessary crap. However, the weakness of the article is the absence of evidence....
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