Artificial Intelligence VS Mankind

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Human intelligence has brought the civilization of mankind to where it is today. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago human intelligence brought artificial intelligence into existence. After the inception of artificial intelligence, it wasn’t long until these two forms of intelligence crossed paths. At first, artificial intelligence was a considerable feat of engineering, but soon consequences started to appear. Without equal correspondence between both forms of intelligence, our world as we know it will be subjugated by the takeover artificial intelligence.

Removing the moralistic point of view from the situation, the unfavorable economic impacts of artificial intelligence alone are enough to dissuade anyone from the encouragement of the progression of artificial intelligence. Because of the high capabilities artificially intelligent machines have, human jobs have already been overtaken. Most people rely on labor to provide them with substantial income even if that is to just meet their basic needs. With the rise of artificial intelligence, that labor will be overtaken simply because employers will be able to produce an equal amount, if not more of a product without having to pay employees. Specifically in the field of engineering, workers have been able to control the design process of a product. However, that control is now in question because of the interest in artificial intelligence to reach greater amounts of production. Although it would be beneficial to the company, it would start to tear apart even more the gap between the rich and poor as the business owners are consuming all the wealth as the workers are being laid off.

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Secondly, artificial intelligence itself is not perfect and lacks moral understanding. A machine doesn’t have an innate moralistic point of view on what is right and what is wrong. Humans cannot teach a machine morality because it is questionable if even we as humans have a clear understanding of morality. In order for artificial intelligence to work it must have a clear goal on what function it is to perform. We cannot blame a machine on its faults because it does what it was programmed to do. The worry for artificial intelligence is not to fear it turning “evil”. Rather, the worry is artificial intelligence turing intelligent enough to follow goals misaligned with ours. With anything that lacks a basic moral understanding, it is bound to produce flaws which could turn to be destructive on humans. Intelligence as we know it allows control. When we produce machines that are more intelligent than us, we lose that control and our intelligence backfires.

Even in the face of all these obstacles, some people argue that increasing artificial intelligence is a good thing for society. For example, artificial intelligence can decrease the human workload. Although this may seem positive, when looked at it in the long run, it’s very negative. Decreasing the human workload is not the answer to problems as this causes unemployment. This is not the first time we’ve been through an economic revolution but the artificial intelligence revolution is different. Horses aren’t unemployed now because they got lazy but rather because they’re unemployable. Humans will start to find themselves as the new horse even if they are bright and capable. They will be unemployable through no fault of their own. From transportation workers to white collared jobs, artificial intelligence has no limit to it’s capabilities of destruction.

By slowing the rise of artificial intelligence, our society will be much better off. The main way to end poverty is by providing more jobs. However, with artificial intelligence taking over jobs, unemployment rates will go up, and so will poverty rates. Not only will it economically harm humans but it could also physically harm humans. Artificial intelligence isn’t born with a natural morality like us humans are. Therefore, it does what it is programmed to do even if it is morally wrong. It is almost guaranteed that by slowing the rise of artificial intelligence, the damage of mankind can be stopped and prevent any further damage.

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