The Effects Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is a unique type of intelligence that is similar to human intelligence, it is a computer system that can do specific tasks that require human intelligence to get done. It can be used in our everyday life and in many different ways, it is used mostly in areas like computer science and engineering. Artificial intelligence has a lot of positive effects on us. The three main positive effects are faster information, uses in multiple fields and fewer errors.

One of the main positive effects of artificial intelligence is that it can be used in order to get all the information needed about any topic faster, an example of this is infrrd it is an artificial intelligence application specifically used for data extraction in companies, because they store a lot of data about their employees and to get a specific information about an employee all they need to do is write their name in a bar and all the information needed will appear . In the past people used to spend hours or days searching for the same information, now it takes seconds to get the information that you want.

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The second main positive effect of artificial intelligence is that it can be used in multiple fields, such as the surgical field, a lot of surgical operations are going to be done using robots or machines which are faster that is why an operation that takes 2 hours minimum to get done is going to take 15 minutes only which is why it is less time consuming, one more important thing about surgeries done using machines is that less scar s will be shown after the surgeries are done which makes it more preferable for people . Artificial intelligence can also be used in other fields. For example, the industrial field and mechanical field in addition to other fields.

The third main positive effect of artificial intelligence is that fewer errors are made. A lot of human errors can be avoided using intelligent machines because humans can sometimes mess up a procedure by forgetting a step as a result of stress, fatigue, and tiredness while working for long hours, however when it comes to intelligent machines this is not possible as they learn the steps and the steps are stored in their human-like brain and the reason why they don't get tired is because they don't need to rest because they work on direct energy coming from batteries or electricity and that is why it is more efficient to work with .

In conclusion, the three main points that make artificial intelligence more preferable to use is that it is less time consuming, more efficient and multi used. In the end, artificial intelligence has a lot of positive effects and it is very useful which is why people should rely on it.

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