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Aspects And Characteristics Of Badminton

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Table of contents

  1. Setting up attack
  2. Concepts of movement
  3. Tactical play
  4. Analyzing
  5. Evaluate
  6. Opponents tactics
  7. Conclusion

The characteristics of badminton, badminton is a racket sport played by two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), each person takes a position on the opposite halves of the badminton court, with a net separating the opponents. Players are to score points by hitting a shuttlecock with their racket so that it passes over the net and lands in the opponent’s half of the badminton court. The shuttle can only be hit once by each side before it gets passed over the net, once the shuttlecock has hit the ground the rally has ended.

Setting up attack

To set up your plan of attack in the game of badminton it involves many factors, including; the placement of the shuttlecock, your body position around the court and the shuttle, covering the court, and then your consistency. Placement of the shuttle around the court is extremely important, both when returning or receiving the shuttle. Effective placement of the means that the player is able to place or hit the shuttle in the desired area of the court, this is generally an area that is away from your opposition meaning that it is harder for them to hit the shuttle back over the net. When setting up attack as a player you should have a tactically appropriate base position, this means that after every hit you are to return to your ‘base’ so that you can easily hit the next shot. Most players generally position themselves in the middle and use this as their base position, this tactic allows them to reach all areas of the court in a more effective manner. Your cover refers to how effective you are able to cover all lengths of the court when you are defending against your opposition. Your consistency when setting up attack is your ability to continuously and accurately hit the shuttle over the net, while at the same time having an effective placement area of the shuttle. These are the four key components to include when setting up your plan of attack against all of your oppositions.

Concepts of movement

Your concepts of movement include your body awareness, your effort, your use of space, and your on-court relationships with other players. ‘Body awareness is a person’s understanding of his or her own body parts and their capability of movement’ (, meaning their ability to transfer weight from either foot to alternate between positions, for example going from a forehand position to a backhand position, by alternating positions this allows you to effectively transfer the shuttle across the net. The effort is referring to the amount of strength/ effort that is applied to the shuttlecock when hit by either player. Space is probably the most important factor when playing badminton. Being aware of your space around the court as well as your opponent’s space is an extremely important aspect of your game. Using your space effectively means that you position yourself around the court in an effective way to ensure you hit the shuttle over the net. Ensuring you are using your opponent’s space effectively, best fitting to your game. Hit the shuttle to the area on the court where your opposition is least competent or not covering effectively. Your relationship is about your on-court behaviours with your opponents and your symmetry of movement.

Tactical play

Tactical play within badminton consists of effectively reading the play, responding to your opponent’s game of attack, being able to effectively react to the shuttle, as well as being able to recover to prepare for the next shot. reading the shuttle, to successfully execute the movement strategy you first need to read the cues of the server and the flight of the shuttle, to anticipate speed, direction and length of the serve. By doing this is will allow you to plan your set of attack. Responding, in response to reading the information you need to move into an appropriate position on the court to return the serve. Reacting, the interactions between your body, the environment and task constraints determine the attacking shot that is played. Recovering, one of the most important factors, returning to your base position on the court, this allows you to be prepared for any shot type once your opponent has hit the shuttle.

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In my rally, shown in the video, my attack strategy was to hit a simple backhand towards my opponent, this would allow me to set up and get ready for her forehand return. This allowed me to hit a forehand shot that was high but also close to the net, by doing this it meant that my opponent would hit a simple forehand clean to the middle of the court. By my opponent choosing this simple shot selection it enabled me to use my strength of my smash. I smashed the shuttle down towards the ground with a large amount of effort, this reduced the amount of time that my opponent had to react and hit the shuttle back, this led to her hitting the shuttle out towards the side of the court. While analyzing my rally, I found that my strengths within the game of badminton was my heavy smashes, generally when I smash the shuttle I hit it with extreme effort allowing minimal time for a return, another strength of mine is staying on base, when competing against my opponent I generally didn’t move around the court, this showed her poor set of attack method. Within my rally I used an effective use of body awareness, space and effort, as well as this I had a good shuttle placement, base position, cover, and consistency within my game. Overall after analyzing I found that my attack strategies and movement concepts were extremely effective in the ways that I used them against my opponent.


based off of my chosen rally I have noticed many aspects of my game that needs improving, if I were to practice and improve these, I would have a solid game. A strong weakness within my game is my backhand shots, I am unable to effectively transfer the shuttle over the net when I am forced to hit a backhand, this is a large gap in my game and causes for many lost points which is not ideal when competing against an opponent. This weakness allows the opponent to have an advantage of they were to constantly hit the shuttle towards my backhand. Another weakness within my game is drop shots, both returning and receiving drop shots. Generally, when I am to hit a drop shot, I don’t put enough effort behind the shuttle and it doesn’t get over the net, causing me to lose. As well as this I apply to much effort and it is no longer considered a drop shot and my set of attack is less effective against my opponent. My weakness is also receiving a drop shot, I am not quick enough to get to the shuttle in time to hit it over the net. Both of these weaknesses leave a massive gap in my game, allowing for all opponents to have an advantage.

Opponents tactics

as shown in the video, during the rally my opponents’ tactics were ineffective towards me as an opponent. There were many flaws within her game and her set of attack, firstly her shot placement. There was minimal thought, her shot types and placement didn’t move me around the court in an effective manner, this allowed me to play my game and my set of attack in an easier manner. Secondly, she didn’t have an effective body awareness, there was minimal movement, this meant she didn’t move her body in a way that ensured she could effectively transfer the shuttle over the net. Thirdly, her lack of body awareness also led to minimal effort being placed onto the shuttle when it was hit, this allowed me to hit the shuttle easier and allowed me time to produce an effective shuttle placement which enabled me to win the rally. My opponent also used my space and her own in an ineffective way, she didn’t hit shots the made me move around the court, rather she just hit simple shots straight to my base position. On the positive side all of her weaknesses within her game allowed me to effectively present my set of attack and win the rally.


based on all my findings, the use of tactical play and setting up your attack within the game of badminton is extremely important. All of these factors enable you to effectively play against opponent, while having a well thought out plan on how to attack their weaknesses, later enabling you to win the rally and the match. After analyzing and evaluating videos and my primary evidence I have found that my game plan and set of attack is effective, although there are a couple of weaknesses within that allow my opponents an advantage if they play correctly. If I were to improve these aspects of my game, I would win more rallies and overall have a better game of badminton.

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