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Case Study: Arrangement of Healthy Foods for Atta

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Wellbeing is alluded to the condition of being healthy, though prosperity is considered as a comprehensive methodology that impacts individuals to have positive mental and physical experience both prosperity and wellbeing are significant for every person as it gives the chance of beating troubles by keeping up great wellbeing condition. These likewise impact individuals to accomplish their own and expert life objectives with proficiency.

The given case study is included with the discussion about a four years old boy named Atta, who has been suffering from obesity. Because of having this health issue, he experiences difficulties to stand up as well as face problems in the meantime of taking part in any physical activities and starts having breathing problems. To show concern towards the increasing weight of Atta, his father has figured out that unlike other children, Atta takes chocolate, sweet biscuits, crisps in his lunch along with taking foods like sugary cereals by discussing with the day center staff. By consulting with his mother, it is also found that their family is not at the state where they would be able to arrange healthy foods for Atta. So as his mother provides such food which Atta likes. Furthermore, because of having a fear of experiencing racist comments, she does not take him out to any playground. The purpose of this assessment is to explain the dimension of wellness and wellbeing in the early childhood context.

Socialization influences-

In the context of wellness and wellbeing, socialization prepares people to participate in a social group by teaching them its norms and expectation(, 2019). For both the mental and physical development of a child, the family plays a key role. From the given case study, it is found that for having a health issue of Atta, negligence of his family holds a huge contribution. Due to having financial problems, Atta’s father generally works for long hours for which he is not able to give proper time to Atta. Fathers are responsible for child development by shaping their child’s behaviour by involving them in healthy life practices ('The Importance of a Father in a Child’s Life | Pediatric Associates of Franklin', 2019). Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. So, because of having less time with his parents, Atta is not able to emotional support for having better health by reducing obesity. Besides that, Atta has no siblings so that he also does not get the chance of playing indoors. In terms of socialization, siblings are also essential for child development as, siblings positively impact by making children involved in physical activities for spending free time. Siblings are closer to the social environments that children find themselves in during the majority of their day, which is why it's important not to overlook the contributions that they make on who we end up being (Science Daily, 2019).

Atta’s peers are also negative affect on Atta they always tease Atta because of Atta’s heavy weight.

The contextual analysis has uncovered that, on account of having heavyweight, Atta needs to confront negative remarks just as bizarre names which demotivate him to acknowledge foods grown from the ground offered by the childcare focus. Public health professionals wondered if the time spent watching television rather than participating in physical activity has contributed to the development (Liamputtong, Fanany & Verrinder, 2017). As far as media, it is discovered that TV promotion removes time from play and exercises. Youngsters who watch a great deal of TV are less physically fit and bound to eat high fat and high vitality nibble nourishments. TV seeing makes a considerable commitment to heftiness since prime time ads advance undesirable dietary practices. For making ad all the more drawing in, promoters utilize alluring music, vividly enhanced visualizations. That impact youngsters to allow unhealthier nourishments like fatty just as low supplement snacks (Anon, 2019). On the off chance that Atta, media has likewise contrarily influenced Atta by affecting him to embrace unhealthier nourishments. By watching the brilliantly hued boxes of sugary oats that he watches on TV, he feels more pulled in to that nourishment as opposed to the vegetables or natural products.

Environmental influences-

For leading children development, aspects of the physical environment such as families who are living in poor neighborhoods, with minimal access to resources, poor housing, low income, and poor health care, create a child-rearing environment that chronically stresses children's developing HPA systems (Garvis and Pendergast, n.d.). From the case study, it is investigated that Atta and his family live in a two-bedroom apartment which is identified as a positive growing environment for Atta’s development. Proper indoor quality also influences the child to have good health because of having a higher capability of reducing disease emergence. But in the context of Atta, although having a good housing infrastructure, he is not able to involve in a healthy lifestyle for not getting proper time from his parents. Additionally, neighborhood quality also influences early child development by providing an impact on children's long term behaviour ('Neighbourhood influences on young children's emotional and behavioral problems', 2019). In the case of Atta, it is observed that because of being Muslim, in the region of Sydney his family has to face racist has put a negative impact on Atta because of it is his mother stopped him from taking into the playgrounds. From the case study, it is analyzed that Atta belongs to a poor neighborhood quality because of which he intended to be within the house rather than collaborating with others or making friends. As Atta is involved in the daycare center the number of people is huge; the environment impacts him negatively. Due to having heavyweight, Atta has to face bullying in his educational center. It does not provide any positive vibes to Atta feel free to being involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Equity Issues-

Health equity is the state in which everyone has the opportunity to attain full health potential, and no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or any other socially defined circumstance (National Academies of Sciences et al., 2019). Maintenance of equity is responsible for leading children to experience social, emotional wellbeing by delivering the privilege of participating in inequitable practices. In the meantime, of participating activities, children also get the allowance of recognizing the cultural, personal, institutional and interpersonal levels. But, from the case study, it is observed that Atta and his family are living in Sydney, which is surrounded by white people mostly ('Population - Australian Bureau of Statistics', 2019). But, due to having a financial issue, Atta’s parents are not able to provide him a good as well as a healthy lifestyle. In terms of equity, children need to have similar resource access for having emotional and physical wellbeing. But unlike other parents, his parents are not able to arrange healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. It is obvious that generally, children do not like to intake green foods which influences children to waste most of the foods. For being poor, they are not able to afford such waste for which Atta’s parent avoid to serve healthy foods. Informs of equity, children are required to have a higher quality culturally responsive environment with racial equity as well as anti-racist activities. The home environment and the community are where young children spend the large, if not the largest, part of the early lives, interacting with parents, siblings, extended family members, and neighbours. These interactions and relationships have a significant influence on how children understand and experience the world around them (Unicef).

But, from the case study, it is observed that Atta belongs to such an environment where people are racist because of which they made racist comments upon Atta’s family. It influences Atta to become involved with obese by creating a pillar for him to visit playgrounds.

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Strategies that early childhood staff and leadership could implement -

To increase awareness about Atta’s increasing health issue because of having obesity, the early childhood staff is firstly needed to consult with his parents and influence them to follow the core principles of the early years learning framework for motivating Atta to have a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the staff is required to take initiatives for supporting Atta as well as his family to involve in a healthy lifestyle by taking healthy foods and being involved in physical activities by collaborating with other people and visiting the playgrounds rather than spending time playing video games. The EYFL framework is also involved with the process of creating a vision that engages all the children in learning procedures to lead them towards having success in life (Australian Government, 2019). So, following this framework, the early childhood staff are required to take a leadership approach for communicating with the children of the daycare center to influence them to collaborate with Atta effectively. They should also talk to those children to stop bullying Atta along with letting them involved to motivate Atta to make healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables provided by the daycare center. On the other hand, they are also required to counsel Atta’s mother to remove her fear regarding the visitation of the playground. By enhancing the core principle of the National Quality Standard, the staff is needed to promote the distinguishing opportunity of having quality service among his patients. The main aim of the NQL framework is to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of children (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority, 2019). So they are required to collaborate media for increasing their awareness of the increasing obesity rate by reducing the advertisement of packaged unhealthy foods.

Identify strategies that early childhood staff and leadership could implement to address these environmental influences to promote children’s wellness and wellbeing-

As early childhood staff members are responsible for leading people towards the process of providing special care for child development, they are required to follow some strategies for influencing environmental aspects to promote wellbeing as well as wellness of children (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority, 2019). Firstly, in the context of increasing obesity of Atta, it is found that poor neighborhood quality is being the highest obstacle for leading him towards having a healthy lifestyle. Educators acquiring their concern about the increasing childhood health issues, they are required to take incentives for talking with the communities for influencing them to behave positively with Atta’s family by avoiding racist comments. On the other hand, the staff are also required to elaborate that in front of Atta’s family to take initiatives to take him to the playground and make them comfortable with white people also by being friendly and welcoming. From the case scenario of Atta, it is observed although having proper housing infrastructure, he is not influenced to have good health. In this context, early childhood staff is required to take a leadership approach for motivating his family to collaborate with Atta by being involved in indoor plays or indoor activities rather than watching TV or video games. Another environmental aspect which has been identified is Atta’s case study is that, because of being involved in an overcrowded care center, he has to face bullying where most of the children are different from him. In this context, early childhood staff members are required to make strategies for leading the care center towards becoming responsive for improving children learning procedure overplaying (Australian Government, 2019). The leadership approach is required to be undertaken for involving Atta with physical activities in his educational center.

Identify strategies that early childhood staff and leadership could implement to address these equity issues to promote children’s wellness and wellbeing-In the case scenario of Atta, he is leading towards the consumption of obesity because of having equity issues included racist neighborhoods, financial issue. For reducing the racist environment and enhance the equity level of their place, the early childhood staff is required to involve the community as well as Atta’s parents in the practices of the EYLF framework (Australian Government, 2019). In terms of leadership approach, they are required to enhance the practices for increasing cultural competence which would be beneficial for Atta’s condition. The settings within which children exist, such as families, schools and childcare environments, have been recognized as being effective vehicles through which to promote the health and development of children (Minniss et al., 2013). Respect for diversity and working for equity are critical aspects of the work educators do every day to create a more socially just community for all (Perez, Robbins, Harris & Montgomery, 2019).

By gaining the opportunity of facing racial equity, Atta will be influenced to make a friend in his neighborhoods also which would influence him to involve in playful exploration. Thus, Atta will get the allowance of having good wellbeing and reducing the obese rate. Additionally, from the case study, it is observed that poverty has impacted Atta’s wellbeing. So, in this context, early childhood staff are required to present a meeting with Atta’s family and the staff members of daycare center for enhancing Atta’s regular food consumption practice There are a range of protective factors that support family functioning, and early childhood educators can be involved in supporting, mentoring, coaching and engaging with families and communities to create better child-rearing environments through a focus on supporting parents to build effective friendships and social supports (Sims, M. 2017). The daycare center generally provides fruits and vegetables to the children on their premises. As Atta’s family is not able to arrange healthy foods, they should influence the daycare institution to serve them healthy food to Atta for improving his health condition, which, will put a positive impact on his obesity as well as breathing issues.


From the above analysis, it is presumed that socialization, natural viewpoints, and value or equity assume a pivotal job in driving children to investigate health and prosperity. In this specific situation, regarding socialization, the contextual investigation examination has recognized that on account of having less time with relatives and demotivation from care home's children Atta is being urged to have detached way of life which is expanding the event of stout. In this way, the above talk has recommended that early childhood staff are required to expand attention to his folks to time more go through with him for including him in healthy activities. Moreover, it is additionally investigated that poor neighborhood quality and stuffed consideration organization condition likewise sway on Atta adversely on account of which he cannot include in any physical exercises or make companion have a perky investigation.

For settling this issue, early childhood staff is required to take activities for working together with the networks to get steady of Atta's family. Advises regarding the value, it is investigated that bigot condition and destitution has affected Atta by making boundary in the method for expending solid nourishments and sound way of life. For advancing health and prosperity in their area of Australia, it is prescribed to the early childhood staff to draw in Government just as populace's understanding by exhibiting meeting about the addition of we

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