Conflict between HR Department and Employee

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Conflicts are the normal part of workplace and most of the times these conflicts take place between employees and human resource department of the firm. In this report I am also going to highlight the recent conflict that took place between an employee and the human resource manager. The conflict took place in the recognized telecommunication company of UAE named Etisalat. In this report I am going to highlight the brief history of the report and the details of conflicts will be presented in report through an interview. Finally, the analysis of interview will be made to get an understanding about the major reason of the conflict, its symptoms, trust and fairness practices followed by the company related to conflict followed by some recommendations at the end of report.

The conflict

The conflict between human resource manager and the employee XYZ took place in one of the leading competitor of telecommunication industry named Etisalat. Etisalat Company is mainly responsible to offer telecommunication facilities to people living across all parts of UAE. Its market share is quite high as compared to its competitor Du but this company is adopting some unfair resources with regard to dealing with the expatriate employees. Based on the interview conducted from the employee named XYZ it was identified that conflict took place between him and the HR manager. In Etisalat people belonging to developing regions mainly Philippine and India are also working (Bhatti, et al, 2015). Company has recruited these staff members based on their talent and knowledge in the field. XYZ is working as the telecommunication engineer in the company and he belongs to Philippine. He has another friend working at the same title and having similar level of experience belonging to India. One day XYZ was discussing about his salary raise issue with the Indian friend and told him that company has not made any raise in his salary even this year and the management authorities promised to do this last year. His friend told him that he has got the salary raise and when both of them compared their salaries there was difference of 4000 Dirham. It is the representation of clear discrimination practices followed by company with offering pay raise and compensations to employees belonging to developing regions. XYZ got angry after knowing details and immediately went to his HR manager and told him all details. HR manager refused to give him any details on the issue and asked him to wait for another one year to get the salary raise. The entire conflict became the reason of dissatisfaction and demotivation of XYZ and he decided to take the issue to higher authorities and talked to his CEO. CEO gave positive response and formulated an investigation committee to investigate the root causes of issue. Details found by committee highlighted that HR manager was responsible for this conflict. A salary raise was announced for XYZ and this is how issue came towards end.

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a) Root causes

Discriminatory practices

In this conflict the root cause was discriminatory practices followed by Human resource manager to offer equal level salaries to employees belonging to third world countries.

Poor management

Poor management practice was made by human resource manager is another reason of this conflict. Hiring a qualified candidate for the role of human resource manager who is fully aware of the job duties can resolve this type of issue.

Lack of fairness

Lack of fairness is another reason of the conflict because employees are not genuine with the given job roles. The biased behavior followed by the human resource manager became cause of employee dissatisfaction and lack of trust.

b) Symptoms of conflict

The symptoms of conflict were clear by the discriminatory and biased behavior made by the human resource manager. He was willing to pay favors to an Indian employee but was showing strictness and rude behaviors towards employee belonging to Philippine despite of all his expertise and good knowledge over work.

c) Outcomes of conflict

As a result of conflict, XYZ lost his interest in work and started feeling highly demotivated and discouraged. He took the case to the CEO of firm and asked him to take actions against it.

d) Issues of trust and fairness

Trust and fairness practices are not followed by the human resource manager. Being the manager he must be unbiased towards employees and must reward them salaries and incentives based on their performance and productivity level. HR manager was showing favors towards employees based on their nationalities and became the reason of employee dissatisfaction and poor performance. biased behavior was the reason that he was giving high salary benefits to one employee as compared to the other regardless of the fact that both of them were working with same job title.

e) Analysis of power level and its impact on conflict

HR manager was playing the managerial role in the organization and his power was higher than the rest of engineers working within the firm. He made use of this power to make salary raise of employees based on his own choice and did not pay attention to follow the company fairness policies and practices (Nauman, 2017).

Secondly, power was showed by CEO who had the leading position in the company and he made the investigation team to find out the root causes of the conflict. This type of power is known as the legitimate power and it is often linked with the job title an employee has within the organization. All these factors indicate that they combined to contribute to the conflict faced by XYZ. It is highlighted from the conflict analysis that it became the reason of employee dissatisfaction and lack of motivation to accomplish the given job duties in an active manner. The entire conflict has come to an end because of effective strategy adopted by CEO of the company. Formulation of the investigation team and finding out the root causes of the conflict finally brought this issue towards an end.


Certain recommendations to follow similar practices in future are as follows:

  • The CEO of firm and board of directors should make sure that all employees and mainly HR managers working in the human resource department of firm are following the fairness practices in terms of performing appraisals and offering salary raise to employees. At the time of hiring it must be clear to all staff members to strictly follow the company policies and practices and do not make any negligence to avoid conflicts in future.
  • It must be clearly mentioned by the company experts that no discrimination will be made among employees based on their nationality and regional origin. Etisalat should mention in the code of conduct that it is an equal opportunity employer and does not show favors to limited number of employees.
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