The Factors Of Employee Motivation At Work

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Motivation is a key organizational concept that is a willingness to reach purposes actively without to be forced. The motivation refers to the external environment and interpersonal that drive enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of action of goal (Mbanje, 2019). The motivation process can be summarized as the diagram that there are some unsatisfied needs with much tension, as an effort when achieve them by finishing a series of intensities, directions, and persistence, the tension is reduced as same as feeling satisfied (Shrestha, 2019).

Employee motivation

There are a series of motivation theories that provide a border standpoint to managers about what motivates employees. One of the common theories is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that proposed needs can be organized into a hierarchy that ranges from physiological needs to self – actualization needs.

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Needs are the most dominate which refers to basic physical needs that drive people's survival by air, water, food, and sleep. For instance, if someone feels very exhausted without sleeping for two days, adequate sleep is the first one to be thinking.

The physiological requirements are met, people would consider safety needs. Safety needs refer to protection and security such as a secure source of income, a peaceful living place, health, and well-being. After solving the problems of dressing warmly and ear one’s fill, they prefer to have a safe society without wars, criminals, murder and so on.

Both the physiological and the safety needs are satisfied, human being ready to acquire integration into social groups, find love and belongingness, and as a part of a group or community. That means people's needs encompass both feel loved and love towards others. Vice versa, negative health, and well-being appeal when feeling isolated.

These basic needs have been fulfilled, esteem needs are important for an individual. People seek esteem from others which equals they need to be valued, respected and recognized by others. For example, as a student get good grades on the study, they want to obtain the appreciation from parents and teachers. It would help them to develop self – confidence and higher purpose.

The highest level is self – actualization which reflects an individual’s desire to drive people realize personal needs (The Interaction Design Foundation, 2019). For example, when a person doesn’t need to care about the money, house and food, mostly he would choose to aspire psychological needs such as ability of art, music or knowledgeable. Maslow believed that if people want to meet self – actualization needs, they have to satisfy the previous needs firstly, but self – actualized individuals are not only focused on internal gain, they also appreciate the benefits that affect others to improve the external environment by solving problems.

Motivating Employees At Work

Managers must recognize individual differences among individuals

Individual differ from each other is a universal fact. So individual differences play a main role in how employees handle workplace stress and effect workplace culture and dynamics. When the managers make employees accept diverse cultures from several countries, the work environment in harmony and communicate that promote the development of organizational goals. No doubt, it is an important and difficult task for managers that they sometimes need to deal with arguments, disagreements, and even open conflict (Harvard Business Review, 2019). When the organization’s differences occur, managers always feel troubled, so that, the first thing of managers is self – adjust his emotions and find the best solutions. Moreover, managers have to observe employee’s pressure due to employees might appraised the stressful situations in external ways. For example, one employee who is in divorce with bad state even have a negative impact on the work. The manager notice the, talk to her timely and help her to adjust the situation quickly. Finally, the consequence might be harder to work than before. Organizations can aim not just to address the stressors themselves, but also help employees to deal with any potential negative emotional cycle.

Match employees to jobs

Make employees fit to their jobs can improve work productivity, reduce any potential inequality and contribute to economic growth (, 2019). So how we distribute appropriate jobs to every employee? It is job satisfaction. The managers should examine an employee’s strengths, needs, experience, the requirements and work environment. When there are at least two interests match, the employee and organization experience a good job fit.

Use goals and feedback

Managers can use S.M.A.R.T goals to motivate employees to perform better and collect the feedback to promote different aspects. S.M.A.R.T goals are classified with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time – bound that ensure the goals are attainable.

Specific means make sure the goals are focused and identify a tangible outcome by some questions such as, who is responsible for it? what steps should be taken to achieve (Anon, 2019)? It helps the managers to identify what resources the goals would be leveraged. Without the specifics, goals most likely run the risk of being too vague to achieve.

Measurable is important due to it is quantifying goals that help managers to evaluate the achievements and progress to highlights how much or how many to achieve the purpose line. For instance, a new app needs 5,000 users to maintain the cost and collect enough data to accomplish the app.

When the team already established the objectives, it should be given a serious check at this stage. That means the goals should be challenging, but still reasonable to achieve. To consider any conditions or limitations might impede the accomplishment of the goals. For example, a team ready to advertise on all platforms but at this point, they found it is the workload. In consequence, they decided to give up and concentrate three most prominent platforms.

Relevant stage means to evaluate the importance of the goal and make sure what the key benefit is worthwhile to the whole group. Determining the compare result if it is aligned to the team value and it is a priority focus for the team.

Every goal needs a target deadline that encourages the team to finish the small goals at the regulated time-bound. It motivates the team to apply the focus and regulation necessary to achieve it.

Make sure employees perceive the set goals as achievable

As the managers of a team, it’s important to help employees establish and achieve their goals. If failure to met team goals might have a negative consequence such as perception leading to low or no effort with morale reduction to managers, employees as well as the team. The managers should balance the involvement with every employee and make sure them feel confident and perceive achievable goals.

Link reward to employee performance

When the employee get a higher result than other colleagues between the same team, rewards with good performance always can motivate employees to work hard by providing a psychological rewards and financial benefit.


Motivate the employees mainly concentrated the personal ability to decide to use different methods, for some employees, they just work due to the interest because they like this kind of work, give them a fit job can be the first step to encourage. Another kind of employees, they prefer the acceptance about their value, so that oral praise and reward can motivate them when they have a good performance. All of above have to depend on the observe of every employees.

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