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Conflict for the Desired Freedom

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What would happen if someone’s will caused them to act against the Party? Winston has never acted out against the party up until he got his hands on his diary. At first it was thoughts, but eventually they grew. Soon after, he acted out on an almost daily basis. It took almost a full year, but in the end the party stopped Winston from acting out again. In George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty Four, the conflict created the desire for a better life because the party is taking away the citizen’s freedom since the people are treated differently, the past is changed to control the future, and criminals are tortured to love the Party.

People are treated differently and it has gone on for centuries from how rich or poor the family is to the color of their skin. There will always be a difference between people it’s just human nature. Winston’s world is separated into three categories the Poles, the Inner, and the Outer Party. The Proles are kept free with no worries so the Party has full control, “ … if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength… ” (Orwell 69). The Outer Party i kept together with very little freedom and many laws. While the Inner Party has many laws they have more freedom then the Outer Party. The only way for the Party to stay in control is to keep these three groups separated. For everyone united cannot be stopped even by a Party.

The difference between people will never go away it will always be here. Some people will be treated differently because no one is equal no matter how hard we try to change it. Some are looked at as criminals no matter what “ … African Americans are highly criminalized and stigmatized in proportions to their White counterparts… “ (Alfaro and Alejandra 72). To some the White will always be at the top, to others the rich will. Some are looked at as outcasts just because of where they came from. Whether they are from outside the country to growing up poor “ … historically discriminated (poor, incarcerated, disabled and immigrant)” (Alfaro and Alejandra 71). History has always been this way and it will never change. Unless people can forget their differences and join together.

There have been instances where differences didn’t matter. It is where they unite for a greater purpose “ … we (families, ex-prisoners, activists... etc) need to unite to form a political body”(Alfaro and Alejandra 27). Usually it is one group trying to gain control of the other. In times of need they have forgotten their differences till the threat is over. Instead of splitting up after its done like they plan they realize how much they need each other. Then after time and time again this process repeats itself. Whether it’s against an enemy or a common purpose. They all will join together in given time.

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History can be change, and the Party is changing it. If the people have no history of being free then they will never be free. Because of this the Party has the people under their control. They are having them change the past for them, “ … an act of fabrication was taking place” (Orwell 45). The Party thinks that if they can change the past they can control the future “ … Ministry of Truth, whose primary job was not to reconstruct… “ (Orwell 42). So far their plan has worked and it did not take too much time. The only past they know is very limited. The people only know what the Party wants them to.

Their past changed so much that their language is also being affected. Since the start, the Party is limiting the language. They have made many copies of the language each shorter than the other “[t]he Tenth Edition is not due to appear for some months… ” (Orwell 158). With a very limited language the people can’t express themselves. If they can’t express themselves they won’t rebel. For no one can express themselves if they do not know words of expression. They have limited it so much that it is only possible to speak straight to the point.

Torture and death is the punishment for any crime committed. All crimes start from somewhere and that is a thought. Any crime will end the same way, for even the largest crimes have the same outcome. A thought is a deadly crime, for “[t]houghtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death” (Orwell 28). The simplest action against the Party will be a crime. Anyone can commit a crime, and anyone who has committed a crime is caught “[y]ou might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you” (Orwell 19). Punishment is not optional it will be mandatory. Crimes will always be there for the guilty.

Every government has its own punishments to every crime whether big or small. Sometimes the crime committed can decide the punishment, but in the Party they are all the same. The punishments will always be the same first beatings, then some shock therapy, and finally but not least your worst fear. Everyone has a fear and the Party will use it against them as a tool, “ … the greengrocer, who conceals his fear of losing his job… ”(Havel and John 7). For as long as they have fears then the Party will always use them. The Party even uses the people to turn others in. Even loved ones will turn them in for as long as there is fear to control “[i]t was my little daughter… nipped off to the patrols the very next day” (Orwell ). Once their punishment is over they are free until killed

Would they last as long as Winston or do better against the Party? The desire for a better life caused from the loss of freedom because each rank is treated differently, the past is rewritten for the future, and they love and follow Big Brother through self-will or torture. It would be possible to fight against the Party and you could win, but it would be nearly impossible. The only way to win is to not be alone, you can only win united. Nothing in this world started and finished by a single person, but rather a group.

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