Corruption in Which We Live: Essay

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The most recent scandal inside a commercial business was taking place and one of the most prestigious universities of the west coast The University of Southern California also known as USC. Most recently USC had come out at the center of a college admission scandal involving federal charges of bribery, cheating, and parents who had been willing to pay thousands of dollars in order to make sure that their potential underperforming children get into a number of the nation’s prime universities. Federal prosecutors have accused 50 rich parents, coaches and test proctors, among others, conspiring with William Rick Singer, a school admission adviser, of committing bribery and fraud to hurt students into a number of the nations most projected prestigious schools. I feel like this is not fair to the millions of students across the United States and internationally that put everything they have into getting into such prestigious universities, all for it to be a waste because somebody is just paying their way in and does not have to work as hard as these other potential students.

It was said that the parents had usually paid between 250,000 and 400,000 though it's to be believed that's some allegedly spent up to $6.5 million to help their children get extra assistance with cheating on standardized test, the making of fake athletic profiles and the bribing of officials, in order to boost their possibilities of admittance.

“The indisputable fact that there is this entirely separate system for athletes’ admission and recruitment that frankly lends itself to corruption and abuse is admittedly disturbing”, said Ariela Gross, a law professor at the University. Issue affected many students let try to get in such prestigious colleges thinking they didn't have that right accolades, and weren’t the right fit to be a part of school at USC. When in reality there've been students that had simply paid a whole ton of additional cash and didn't work as hard as others that genuinely attempted their hardest to attend a college like USC.

Their investigation is still going on and they are still uncovering the additional students as well as finding out that there are other top-tier universities that may have been involved with Singer which the distinguished Stanford University could've also been involved with. “Stanford sailing program received $770,000 from Singer’s foundation and the head coach pleaded guilty on March 12 two charges ‘that he excepted monetary contributions’ for a train to recommend to prospective students, according to the university”.

Another larger issue found had to do the subject of corruption within the US government for further more political corruption. Political corruption has existed and has been around for many years throughout the ages. Political corruption has been believed to be most prominent in positions of power, because of the role that money plays when gaining another individual's power. Nonetheless, over the centuries' corruption has changed so much that it doesn't even have any similarity to the specific definition of corruption. In today's society many Americans believe that there is an unbelievable amount of corruption within politics.

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Per Jefferey Milyo, the author of nationwide ‘Influence and Political Corruption’, across the country representative opinion survey done in 2008 states that, “a very little over 50% of respondent agreed that corruption within the federal government is widespread and a particularly serious concern, whereas fewer than 5% thought-about-corruption within the center to be rare or not a concern. This leaves several Americans to believe that politics isn't 'inherently corrupt activity” (Milyo, 2014). This possibility, of course just checked out from many alternative views with quite a few major firms contributing too many political campaigns; and it is assumed that many of these politicians are being bought and have been bought in order to further profit corporations agenda.

Next, I found one the largest social media platforms Facebook played a role within the 2016 presidential campaign and heavens found aiding Donald Trump with his election driving time of the election a political firm that had been employed by the Trump foundation require access to personal information of Facebook users. That firm was Cambridge Analytica, which is been a firm employed by Pres. Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, and they had gained access to personal data on over 15 million Facebook users. The firm had offered tools that would establish and target the personalities of American voters and their main goal was to influence their behavior. Cambridge have been mostly funded by Henry M. Robert Mercer, the rich republican donor, and author K. Bannon, a former consultant to the president. I feel that this made it easier for the Trump campaign to work with the firm since the president bar you had ties with them.

I found that within the 16th century, the government had failed to intervene when it came to corruption or anything that has to do with social and/or economic issues. The government has been expected to stay and control the safety and security, to assist in disasters and to run the finance of the Crown and country. It had been sent that “Elizabeth government did an inexpensive job in those areas”. I feel that we have and have a tendency to perceive that the 16th century British businesses government have been based on completely different political structures compared to the one we currently have in place. This meant that the character traditions of politics were inevitable to encounter favoritism: “You had to induce on someone’s sensible facet if you needed to stand out and advance”.

I feel like when you compare the Elizabethan era to the era we are in now, you can't make too much of a connection, due to that time that these corrupt actions took place in. I feel like during the Elizabethan era the government had been more lenient and more forgiving tended to brush situations like this off, whereas in today's society you have a higher chance to get caught, but I feel that corruption is more common within the 21st-century. However as previously stated, back within that time corruption had probably been accepted as a customary and normal practice and was a part of that era’s social norm. Which could be seen as a detrimental part of the society. My solution for both eras would be to end secret money so citizens know who’s buying political power, change how elections are funded to give every voter a voice, and eliminate political bribery by making it illegal for lobbyists to lobby a politician and donate to their campaigns.

It could be seen that the prerequisite powers of the Queen provided the system with its fairness and potency. However most significantly it had been the stability of the future and years to come that voters enjoyed and had taken a liking to beneath the Elizabethan government. In distinction to alternative Western European countries at the time, Britain had a wonderful social, political and spiritual stability that could be a testimony of the success of a good, simple and economical system of state. I feel that even though England had their issues with corruption within their governments and businesses there had been able to capitalize off of it and make it something bad into something good and turn around their future for the better.

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