Critical Thinking Essay on Global Warming

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Where do you see the United States 100 years from now? What if I tell you that the world would be much different? There would be no Amazon, half of the species would be gone and clean water might not even be a thing. Global warming is becoming a critical topic among scientists. Some extremists do anything to protect our planet but overall much of our population does very little to contribute to helping the planet. Global warming is the process in which the earth's temperature is increasing by our everyday actions. Humankind is the reason we’re experiencing global warming. Global warming is the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air which gets trapped in the atmosphere absorbing sunlight and making the earth hotter. Our action has affected global warming by increasing the rise of temperature, ice sheets shrinking rapidly, and extreme weather events.

To begin with, global warming is affecting the increase in temperature to rise. The ocean is a buffer for the Earth it absorbs the heat or releases the heat according to the planet's temperature. The rate at which the ocean is heating up has nearly doubled since 1992 and it’s reaching deeper water (Berwyn). The higher the temperature is the more our marine life is forced to move toward the poles to have a suitable environment. This is causing the coral leaf to bleach and has severe impacts on aquacultures. The effect of this is when creatures move for migratory cycles for their prey. The animals are left to starve since their prey is no longer where they used to be. The change of cycles is causing many animals to produce less since their new home might not be as suitable as the other one before. The hotter the water gets the hotter the planet gets. As the planet increases, it poses a threat to hotter summer days and heat waves which will cause more heat-related deaths. Believe it or The United States is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse accounting for roughly 25% of global emissions (U.S Domestic Response). Even though global warming is becoming more advocated consumers are asking for more trees to be cut down. A simple solution that everyone can take part in is changing a regular light bulb to a compact fluorescent light bulb. This simple change can save up to 150 pounds of CO2 a year (Reduce the Carbon). Imagine if everyone did this in the world that little change could give us another decade.

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In addition, global warming has caused the ice sheet to melt shrinking the ice in the poles. As the Earth gets warmer, the ice loss from glaciers will begin to accelerate contributing to the rise of sea level. If sea levels begin to rise countries near the sea will begin to start to disappear like the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The fact that we continue to progressively release greenhouse gasses and not care is absurd. We can lose a whole culture, ethnicity, and population yet we still don’t feel compassionate about it. Rising sea levels will cause destructive flooding hurting many lives and our wildlife. The problem is on us. The excess amount of greenhouse gases has changed the wind pattern from cold to colder to now being warm to cold. The increasing melting of ice wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t release so much aerosol from burning wood or coal. Aerosol are particles suspended in the earth that absorb and scatter the sun's radiation. Humans need to adapt to the changing planet if this continues glaciers will begin to disappear to eventually vanish. In the last 20 years, Greenland lost 152 billion tons a year of ice, West Antarctic lost 65 billion tons a year (Dell’Amore). Trillions of Billions of Ice are being lost every year imagine in 10 years how would are poles change. Much of our species will be lost an example would be polar bears. As ice sheets shrink so do our fluffy white mammals. A study has found that due to the massive size of polar bears, they need more calories to survive(Adams 8). The reason they relied so much upon seals is because they are made of so much fat. The amount of energy they need won’t add up to the amount they will have to do to find seals making them die to death. How can we be so cruel to kill our animals to death and prefer looking the other way? Each one of us lives on this earth so each one has the responsibility to do something day by day. We can make a change by using less hot water. Stop washing your clothes with warm water or take a shower with cold water. If everyone did this change each one of us will save up to hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide being released each year.

Last but not least, global warming is affecting our people. Extreme weather events have been linked to global warming. More intense weather events are increasing in many regions of the world. Global warming increases the number of heat waves. Heat Waves are an intensity of heat in days and nights for a long period. Since the air is warmer it increases evaporation causing more drought. Drought increases dry fields which makes the forest more prone to catching fire. The California drought cost the state an estimated $2.2 billion in 2016. Almost 17,000 farmers lost their jobs in 2014 (Amadeo). Imagine if the amount of drought starts increasing in every state this will destroy people making them malnourished. Not only will it kill humankind but our forests are going to start lighting up killing many species and plantations. The cost to repair drought can be fixed but if nothing changes the effect on our earth will be irreversible. Hurricanes are becoming more intense since there is more of a water-moist atmosphere. Global warming also causes seawater to rise which impacts the amount of rainfall. As rainfall increases on the land, the amount of flooding will increase. The effect of Global warming on our weather is massively linked. Adjust your thermometer in your house can save up to 2,000 pounds of CO2 per household. Moving it up 2 degrees in winter and 2 degrees less in summer can make a vast difference. The things to make a change are so minimum yet people still think it’s hard.

In conclusion, the Earth is such a beautiful planet. From our beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii to are tropical rainforest in Brazil. Everywhere we look there is beauty now but one day if we don’t make a change everything we know about our earth will disappear. We can do so much but we need our government to support us in this movement. Remember the change doesn’t come from others it comes from within us. Global warming is affecting our temperature rising, ice sheets shrinking, and extreme events. The little things we can do to make a difference are so minimal yet no one does them. How can we put our earth in the line because we are too lazy to be informed? Our Earth, generations, and species are on the line. You don’t need to make a big change little things that you do through your day make a difference. If each one of us helped in little ways our method of helping the planet will increase to a humongous one because will get to keep our planet. The worst mistake is that we think that it’s some else job to save the earth. Some minimum solutions that are so easy are checking your tires that they are inflated properly, recycling more, and unplugging electronics. All of these steps can save billions of CO2 released into the earth. What are we waiting for?

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