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Deforestation: The World Needs Time to Heal

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As you look around you, you can see that Mother nature has changed dramatically for the past few decades. There are a lot of buildings and infrastructures anywhere, surrounded by populated cities and an overcrowded community. This only entails that our planet is scarring and needs time to heal. But how will it be possible if all countries want to attain global stardom? The most affected area is our forests. With the world growing at a fast pace that is hard to match, the increasing need for space of land is turning out to be a major concern for all people. Urban requirements such as space, and agricultural infrastructures are being built to accommodate the growing population and economy of the country. Over the past decades, “30percent of the forests have been completely cut down” to ensure that people in a country will have enough space for the development of the cities. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, “an estimated 18 acres of forest are lost each year”. This phenomenon is called deforestation. It is defined as “the cutting down of the trees to a large extent be it forests, any barren land or trees we see on our way to school every day”. Our nature has been cut down for the purpose of “land cultivation, housing development, mining, logging, and construction of dams, roads and highways”. This continuous process where forests don’t have time to heal. And we must let them heal or else… .The future won’t be brighter.

Do you know that “forests cover 30% of our land”? What will happen to Earth if it continues to be like this pace? Also, it is estimated that “within 100 years, there will be no rainforests''. And the main source of this heinous crime is agriculture! According to the FAO, “agriculture leads to around 80% of deforestation”. That is 80 percent. As the country grows its population, the demand for food has been tremendous. A huge amount of trees is needed to fuel the growing of crops. Because of this, loggers cut down trees and use them for food and structural purposes. Another reason is livestock ranching. Fourteen percent of the trees are being cut because of livestock ranching. Farmers and ranchers often clear the land by cutting down trees and burning them to raise the animals in the farm and feed it to them. They continue to use the land until the soil is completely degraded and unhealthy and repeat the same process again.Lastly, illegal logging is another reason for deforestation. The illegal loggers cut down trees because it is easy money for them. Also, these companies are being protected by influential people in the government. The same as livestock ranching, after cutting down the trees in those areas they will leave them unattended and unplanted. These three magnanimous reasons affect the healing prowess of our nature.

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In reality, we are behind for the continuous cutting down of trees without replanting them. Human beings have the tendency to only move and make solutions when the problems arising can directly affect them. And it is really affecting us now. The changing climate patterns, where in rainy months there would be no rain and in hot seasons there would be typhoons. The rising water level in the cities and along the coastal regions of the country. Also, the constant soil erosion in near-by mountains has greatly affected the livelihood of many people. So when can we start helping? How can we solve this tremendous problem?

It should always start with us. Self-discipline is the key. With the help of the government, we can still minimize the negative effects of deforestation. The best solution to deforestation is to stop the cutting down of trees by enforcing a series of rules and laws to be governed by not only the people but the whole country as well. The laws should not be concentrated with the poor people only. It also should be covered with rich families. The government must enforce strict laws that enable them to control private mining companies, illegal loggers and companies that only think about getting money from cutting down trees. Also, the government should apply a severe punishment to those people or groups of people that will be prisoned because of these crimes. Another way is to practice reforestation and afforestation.I t is the opposite of deforestation. The bald skinned forest should be planted with trees again for the future purposes. Even though new trees are being planted right now, it cannot still match the percentage of trees that were cut down. Lastly, is to educate the public. Still, many people and students are not entirely aware of the global warming problem we’re facing right now. By educating your family, friends and other people, it will influence them to take care of our trees. Your action should make an impact

Stopping deforestation is not “rocket science.” t is not easy but it is still possible. We have to make sure that the future of our environment will be in the hands of the people now. We have to protect the environment, so the environment will protect us. We can already feel the bad impacts of global warming, but reversing them is not easy. All people should cooperate and work as one. Working together is the key to fight deforestation.

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