Descriptive Essay on a Snowfall

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A crazy Wednesday morning in the coldest month of the year, yes you guessed it right January. 8 am class and coming out of bed was the hardest thing to do. Multiple alarms rang trying to help me get to the class but of no use. Multiple thoughts rushed into my mind, totally confused with reality and my dream world. I took some time to get back to my senses and realized that I was late for the class.

On my way to the class which was on the east side of the university campus, I saw snowfall. It was my first winter in Canada and the first snowfall of my life. I was fascinated to see the beauty of snow beds and wondered about the science behind snowfall. That morning snowfall surged my mood, I found it to be fluffy, big in size, and gentle. I got inspired by the idea that they are free to fly anywhere but they decide to stay grounded. The texture was soft just like silk and it vanished as soon as it landed on my palm. the feeling of calmness was so soothing. their individuality and the unique structure depict the importance of individualism and maintaining one's true identity by not giving up on oneself under the influence of others. the uniqueness of snowflakes is also scientifically proven. According to research, snowflakes have six mother fins and 30 daughter fins. the mother fins have a similar orientation but not in the case of the daughter fins. Scientists have proven that snowflakes' pathways near the center are thicker. They have linked the shape of the snowflakes to the thermal resistance for a point heat source domain and have provided proof of minimum resistance of heat in the snowflake due to its shape. (Konan and Cetkin, Dec 2018).

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I was also in awe to see the snow bed. its evenness and qualities like the reflection of color or sunlight back into the atmosphere add to its beauty. The flat undisturbed sheet of snow shines bright. The depth of the snow bed strictly depends on the type of particles accumulating on the top layer. particles that are dense (column and graupel) form the deep mixed precipitation layer and the other particles form the shallow layer because their melting rate is high (Sankare and Theriault, 2016). I wanted to jump in and make a snow angel and play around and so I did. I did twist in the snow, jumped all over and my feet sank for 20 meters, I was experiencing it was the first time and was full of excitement.

I have observed that the newly made snow bed absorbs most of the sound and when the upper layer of snow melts and the bottom layer is hard it reflects all the sound waves hitting it. with this observation, I thought of researching some relations between snowflakes and sound. During my research, I came across a very interesting scholarly article proving the correlation between sound level and snowfall rate at frequencies above 10kHz. The research design was correlational and the variables were the water tank and snowfall. Equipment named optical Scientific precipitation gauge with a scale of 1kHz to 50 kHz was used to measure the snowfall rate. seven different forms of rain like columns and ice pallets were accounted for with different precipitation rates. The signal of sound was observed in columns, needles, etc and no signal was observed in plates, special dendrites, etc (Alsarayreh and Zede, 2011).

Between all these observations I got late for the lecture and didn't attend it, missing it was worth giving a try to gain and observe nature. This world is full of awe. There are so many aspects of life we don't pay attention to in this stressful world. We are capable to learn so much from mother nature

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