Summer Versus Winter Compare and Contrast

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We all know that in four seasons, there is spring and autumn. These two seasons make a difference in our nature because as the weather is changing our nature are also experiences changes. They are both beautiful and awesome seasons we have.

What is your favorite season among these two? Which is best for you? But what are the similarities and differences between these two seasons? And what they can contribute to our nature? First, we will define and gives the benefits of spring and autumn season in our environment and also we will explain how these two seasons affects the daily life of people.

First, spring is a season after the winter and before the summer. During this season, the weather gets warmer as the earth tends towards the sun. Many plants grow, many flowers are bloom and many animals practice their reproduction during the spring season. Gardening is perfect to do in this season. After the winter, the spring season is the answer in our waiting to see the stunning beauty of the flowers. Those flowers are bloom and coming up everywhere. Not only the flower can benefit from this season but also the trees can have a fresh and perfect green in color in the springtime. Meaning, nature will be more alive and beautiful in this season. Spring season gives us the perfect temperature to do some outdoor activities and adventures and still enjoy comfortable frizzy evenings. Many people love to do their outdoor workouts in this season because during this season the sunshine that we see will motivate us to leave our house to workout outside like walking, running and other perfect fun activities. In this season all of us are able to enjoy longer days. Since this season motivating us to go outside, we are always ready for some adventures, we can also try to do hiking in the mountain. From the top of the mountain, you will see a beautiful view of nature as all plants are so colorful at this time. You will be reconnected with the beautiful nature. We can feel the refreshing breeze in springtime, it can make us energetic, joyful and it lights up our mood as the season is also in a good mood. We love to open our windows to let the fresh and warm air come in and refresh our homes. Because of the beautiful and shining sun, many people love to wake up early in this season and because of the positive vibes of this season, many people are motivated to do house cleaning and change the theme of their house based on their positive and happy feelings due to this beautiful season. As easter is done in this season, springtime is also a perfect opportunity for us to spend quality time with our loved ones, make more memories, enjoy the festive holiday and experience this warm and fresh spring season with positivity. It is one of the four seasons that can give more colors in our daily lives and make our feelings and vibes more light and positive.

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Autumn is the season after the summer and before the beginning of the winter season. In short , this is the transition of summer season to winter season. During this season the leaves of the plants and trees are falling. For some people, they love this season too. Because this season is coming after summer and before the winter arrives, the weather is not too cold. They love to see the changes in the color of leaves from green to yellow or brown. Falling leaves are also romantic scenery for some lovers in this season. Although the atmosphere in this season change from brightens to dulls with fog, still they love it as it gives them a peaceful mind. People are starting to wear cozy clothes like sweaters and long sleeves but other casual clothes can still wearable in this season because the weather is not too cold. Sample of the activity that other people do in this season is playing basketball, soccer or football. They feel like this is the best sports they can do and play during fall time. During this season, you can also do a peaceful walk as the air is getting cooler you feel that this is also a perfect time to walk outside. Meaning the weather in the fall time is bearable. We can also observe that the sky at this season is very clear. This season is also a sign that holidays are about to start like Halloween in November, thanksgiving and of course our favorite Christmas.

We knew now the difference between these two seasons, but one of the similarities of spring and autumn is both of them bring positive benefits is the mood of people. Both of them bring a positive and peaceful experience. In terms of nature, these two make all the plants and trees beautiful and awesome in their own and different ways. Although all leaves of the plants and trees in autumn are falling, the changes of color are still beautiful and gorgeous in the eyes of people. They have the same perfect opportunity to do some outdoor activities. All people enjoy these two beautiful seasons. Meaning even we compare them to each other but still no doubt that both of them are very important to all of us and to our nature. We cannot say that spring is only the best season we should have and autumn is not. Autumn can also contribute something to nature and in all our daily life. They are still related to each other because without autumn or fall season spring season will not come. Meaning without the falling of dry leaves of the plants, how the plants will bloom into a gorgeous one.

Whatever season is your favorite, just enjoy it and be thankful. Appreciate all seasons as all of them are important and play a big part in us and our environment.

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