Does The Vegetarianism Help The Animal World?

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Do you know choosing to eat few animals or no animals at all or even their products don’t make a difference neither for the animal kingdom nor for the world? Does being a vegetarian help or contribute to the animal world? While others say that it’s a supply and demand issue meaning that, letting domestic animals into the wild thus, less demand would bring about less supply, the others insist that cutting back on meat consumption wouldn’t make a global impact on animals given the fact that so many unprivileged homes depend on animal protein.

To begin with, many arguments are brought up that eating of factory meat tend to cause animal suffering than eating industrialized vegetable farming. That animals have to undergo severe pain from when they are born and separated from their mothers to how they are isolated in dark room later on killed. With it seems we should rely majorly on vegetables. For us to eat meat from these animals, consider the amount of plant protein that is used to produce a pound of meat. How many animals die in this process to produce the vegetables? As DeGrazia D., (2002), nine kilograms of plant protein yields around 0.4 kilograms of beef while three kilograms of plant protein yield around 0.4 kilograms of pork. Along these lines, it is ethically critical that animals die in crop production, however this is important with the end goal for us to survive and is allowed in ideals of the way that the other option ‘eating plant cultivated meat’ brings about more results in animal suffering. As Cahoone L., (2009) argues that there is less animal suffering in a diet of plants and hunted meat than a strictly vegetarian diet. It would be difficult to distinguish which diet cause more harm to the animal world, but we do realize that animals are hurt in industrialized vegetable cultivating. For vegetarians who see that eating of meat causes animal suffering they should embark and start eating oysters as it is believed that they never endure any pain (Bobier C., 2019). Factory meat doesn’t cause harm more than eating a vegetarian diet. Farmers tend to kill animals such as the rodents, birds by setting up traps and spraying of pesticides to protect their crop yield which doesn’t sound right in the current context. Farmers do it intentionally by bringing the animals to existence and intentionally killing them (DeGrazia L., 2019:177). Finally, no diet is free from animal suffering, animals have to die for humans to eat vegetables, fruits or even meat.

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Pursuing this further, animal world can be helped through different strategies that pose to have a significant impact than relying on excuses such as vegetarianism. As Piper K. (2019) states that corporate campaigns in organizations such as Humane league have had a high rate in concession with from an organization, they focus with a welfare campaign. Such as demanding restaurants that they should not buy chicken from farms that confine them in cages. They tend to follow them up protests that may last few months. She later stated that with the timeframe given, most of them end up with positive results. Passing on pamphlets and leaflets to individuals and conducting of surveys about vegetarianism doesn’t help the animal world, as more people will tend to give out false information just to please the researcher and that most people won’t change their diet just because of a leaflet (Piper K., 2019). For vegetarians to help the animal world, they should have welfare campaigns that bring concessions to the companies, or political change rather than basing their arguments more on vegetarianism.

Yet another reason as to why vegetarianism doesn’t help the animal world is that vegetarianism basically fills the social personality need and has little to do with helping the creature world. Social identity is how people tend to define themselves in terms of the groups the ought to feel or associate with (Nezlek J.B & Forestell C.A, 2020). The way that vegetarianism regularly emerges in social circumstances is significant in light of the fact that character isn't made distinctly by oneself, but at the same time is also informed by the actions and perceptions of others or belonging to certain religious groups such as Seventh Day Adventists, Hindus Muslims and Buddhists (De, Backer, Charlotte (2019). Vegetarianism is mainly under several classes thus, not in the position to classify them as ambassadors of saving the animal world. The vegetarianism is under two classes; the vegetarian of choice and necessity. Where vegetarian of choice; you choose not to eat meat even though they are readily available while vegetarian of necessity are ones that choose not to eat meat because the are not readily available like for instance one can’t eat meat because they are expensive. Regarding understanding vegetarianism as a social personality, we recommend that vegetarianism is best idea of as a continuum (Forestell, C.A., Spaeth, A.M. Kane, S.A., 2012) whereby there are vegans that don’t consume all animal products, some consume fish, others consume eggs while others don’t use any animal related products such as leather. Thus, not minding much about the whole animal kingdom.

Also, another reason as to why vegetarianism doesn’t help the animal world is mainly based on a person’s reason of being vegetarian is mainly because of dietary issues rather than being one because of trying to protect the animal world. Most of the vegetarians have shifted to changing their diet to vegetarian because of medical conditions and due to their dietary choices, they are classified as vegetarians in the society thus, changing their social lives. Vegetarianism under this point hasn’t helped the animal world because there are people who have medical conditions and are advised my medical professionals to take a specific meat such as fish to gain some important nutrients. One has to think if these vegans or vegetarians have pets at home, are they fed meat or not? If not, then this would lead to trauma if not stress to the pet such as dogs. Thus, not fostering animal welfare. Some dietary is influenced by social groups such as churches, where for instance The Seventh day Adventist church, Muslims teach their members to have vegetarian diet based on their teachings but no reason is based on the fact that they should be vegans to protect the animal world and its welfare.

Lastly, vegans’ or vegetarians’ nutrition according to Leitzmann, C., (2014) has trends as they evolve from the past years to the future. In the past food was mainly plant-based and most of the religious groups still embrace this to this day. Prejudices in the past were that vegetarianism leads to malnutrition and with that, scientific evidence stated that being vegan reduces chances of contracting contemporary diseases. He later stated that the reasons why this trend has been increasing over the years are they want to prevent diseases, securing a livable future for one’s generation to come and lastly, they don’t want climate change or animals to suffer. Most of the vegetarians think this one way of maintaining animal welfare whereby there is no direct link of being under this vegan nutrition to help the animal world, mainly it’s about maintaining their health.

To sum it all up, there are no ways that vegetarianism help the animal world as most of them are either to fit in a certain society, religion, dietary issues or preventing themselves from contemporary diseases. Most of these actions involve killing of other animals and using of pesticides intentionally to protect your crop fields. There are no adequate ways that I know off that aims to promote animal welfare, for instance, a vegan not feeding their pets meat. With this it causes emotional discomfort and leading to trauma at some point. In my own opinion vegetarianism isn’t cruelty-free as some of the products tend to harm other animals. For instance, some vegans classify honey as vegetarian product but they don’t mind that the bees are the ones who produce thus with this it might to extinction. In production of this crops, many habitats and animals are destroyed and killed. Poison is used in the maintenance of these produce in stores and granaries. There are many other ways to help the animal world such as having a natural grazing whereby the animals can wander freely without being put in cages, thus conservational grazing with this it tends to promote the animal welfare. As opposed to being allured by admonishments to eat more items produced using soya, maize and grains that are grown industrially, we should be empowering reasonable types of conservation grazing and dependent on conventional rotational frameworks for dairy and meat production (The guardian, 2018).

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