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Books are the first reason why humanity created computers in the first place. The history of the book is long and colorful. It does not start with the first-ever printed book by the Gutenberg Press around the 15th century as many people think. The history of the book is dating 5000 years back from today to the first book artifact to be ever found in Egypt. Also, again in Egyptian lands, it has been discovered to have been the first-ever library. It was filled with thousands of papyrus scrolls, containers of knowledge.

The book as a paper block has suffered many transformations since its first creation that many years ago. And many scientists from all over the world without a stop dig in the archives to find more and more facts.

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Today’s books are enjoying an ergonomic shape and are coming in a variety of formats. There are paper books, audiobooks, and e-books. And there is the neverending question. Which is better – books or e-books?


  • Available for every kind of device.
  • Ultra personalizable.
  • A variety of genres.
  • Extra content.
  • Easy to store.
  • Inexpensive.
  • But wouldn’t e-books hurt my eyes? Not with Iris.

Paper books

  • A good feeling.
  • For collectors.
  • Signed copies.
  • Memories.
  • Events.

Which is better after all?

Firstly we are going to observe the difference between the two.


E-books are all over the Internet nowadays. You can find free e-books and special platforms that are specially made only for reading essays. There are way more e-books than paper books, due to the fact that everybody can write an e-book.

Available for every kind of device

E-books can be read on every kind of device. You can read online or download them on your computer, phone, and tablet. E-books come in different file types like Mobi, epub, and PDF. It is very important to be sure that your device can read such formats. Otherwise, you won't be able to open the e-book.

Ultra personalizable

E-books can be personalized upon the reader’s wishes. You could set up the font and the size of the letters, the orientation of the page, the color of the background, and others. Also, it is easy to put bookmark and sometimes there is an option to highlight a quote. With some apps, you can see all the quotes that you have highlighted from different books in one place.

A variety of genres

E-books are way more variable than paper books. There are all types of e-books. From the usual genres like fantasy, romance, and fiction to handbooks, how-to guides, cookbooks and many more.

Extra content

Sometimes you can find a free book for just subscribing to an email newsletter campaign. Or for sharing a post. Also, a lot of authors have their own sites where they often publish extra online content to their books.

Easy to store

An e-book file cannot take more than several megabytes on your device. This is why one can store a whole library of hundreds of books in his pocket! There isn’t any struggle with thinking about whether you have to take a second book with you. Because if you finish the one you are currently reading you won't have what to do on the way home. All you have to do with e-books is to scroll down and pick a title.


With e-books, the publisher doesn’t pay for paper and printing. So the money that would usually go for that is deducted. Which makes the e-book cheaper than the paperback. And there is a big chance to find titles for as little as 3$ on big e-book platforms.

Indie authors that are self-published also stream their books cheaper than usual. But wouldn’t e-books hurt my eyes? Not with Iris.

If you do not have an e-book reading device that has an e-ink display, then you are probably reading e-books on your phone, tablet or computer. And after some time of reading, your eyes hurt a lot. This is because of the blue light that this type of display emits. It is harmful to our eyes and can lead to serious problems.

But there is a way to read without pain and headaches. Iris is a blue light filter that you can install on all your devices. It is going to transform your display to a warmer tone of the light. Like red, yellow or orange. And this way it is going to help you to read your favorite books without any problems. The set up is very easy. And there is a special ‘reading’ mode in the settings menu of this program, which is perfect for e-books!

And now to move on to the paper books.

Paper books

Despite the modern technologies, traditional books will never disappear. More and more books are printed internationally every year and there are readers that stay loyal to the traditions. And even though the e-book is very useful and easy-to-handle, paper books have just as many advantages.

A good feeling

One good-smelling paper book can please all the senses of a reader. It is just a pleasure to touch the surface of the paper and to turn the page, which has that specific sound. And if the book is designed professionally with a beautiful font and a stunning cover it can literally take you away to some other place.

For collectors

Paper book lovers like to have as many books as possible. A good-stacked library is a pleasure to look at and it somehow fills your home with comfortness. And as the saying goes: “A home without books is like a body without a soul”.

Signed copies

You cannot get a signed copy of a digital book. And having a signed book is something that can only make you happy. It is like a special message from the creator of the story that you liked that much.


Paper books may collect memories from generations! If you go to a library and start scouting you can find notes between the pages, poems, doodles, and so on. Also, highlighting quotes can be fun by using colorful markers or colorful stickers.


If there weren’t paper books, there wouldn’t be events like Book Cons and Book Fairs. At these events, you can meet with people who liked the same books as you did. You will be amongst friends! And usually, at big events, there are guest authors. And readers can ask them questions personally or take a picture with them.

Which is better after all?

What both books and e-books have in common is not only the text of the novel. An e-book file can have all the attributes that the physical copy has. There is a cover, there is a dedication, there are contents and even page counting. Both are readable and equally enjoyable. Still, can we say which one is a better option?

To be honest, there is no right answer here. Everybody has different preferences and books are books, nevermind in what shape. If e-books are more convenient for you, then go ahead and take the advantages. But if you are a traditionalist, do not be ashamed of carrying several books at a time in your bag.

Both e-books and books have their pros and cons. And if you wish you can combine them by reading e-books when you are on the go. And reading paper books when you are at home and can curl up with a nice cup of tea and chocolate.

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