Effects Of Immigration: Analysis Of Articles And Opinion Essay

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Table of contents

  1. What are the effects of immigration?
  2. Causes and consequences
  3. Steps to stop immigration
  4. Reference table

What are the effects of immigration?

The topic I have chosen for writing my individual report is trade and aid specifically about immigration and its long-term effects. Immigration by definition means the act of moving to a foreign country permanently. There are many different views regarding immigration some view it has a responsibility to help their fellow human beings but other think of it as a burden and a threat to their economy.

Pakistan is one of main hosts for immigrants it has sheltered approximately 1.38 million registered immigrants and there could be many more unregistered considering the lack of keeping tabs on this matter. Nationally people of Pakistan view these immigrants as threats to their lifestyle and income. Pakistanis believe that these immigrants are here to steal their job opportunities and are the main reason for the increase of drug and terrorist activities. DAWN newspaper has wrote an article titled “How would Pakistan treat Syria’s refugees” https://www.dawn.com/news/1221274 this was written on November 21 2015 The writer has written that Pakistan should be proud for being one of the major immigrant hosting countries in the world yet it is looked with and I quote “regret and contempt” Globally perspectives vary from country to country.

US used to be country were all people wanted to migrate to live the “American dream” and earning more but America was welcoming to many immigrants but in the recent year of presidency of Donald Trump this all could change. America is planning to build a wall on the border of Mexico to not allow any illegal migration and some Americans believe that immigrants are coming to steal their jobs and that they are the reason for rape, drugs and crimes. However not all Americans believe this they cannot stop Trump from building his wall http://theconversation.com/in-trumps-america-immigrants-are-modern-day-savage-indians-99809 This article written by “The conversation” published on July 17 2018 explains how immigrants under Trump’s eyes are savage, animals and how they will not be able to migrate to America. Some agree with Trump and his anti-immigrant policies while others do not.

Germany is another country with mixed views related to immigration it says that it has a crisis going on but in reality there is no such crisis in place. Angela Merkel is a German politician serving as a chancellor of Germany since 2005 who allowed 1 million immigrants in Germany to show its welcoming culture, but many of her opposition attacked her for this showing their dislike for immigrants in their country and Germany being another country with mixed views about immigrants and is a very serious political matter https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/07/03/what-you-need-to-know-about-germanys-immigration-crisis/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.c2e835b8890c this newspaper published by “The Washington Post” has a detailed account about the event of Merkel and the after-effects.

Iran is one of the largest hosting immigrant country in the world with approximately 1.6 million refugees. It has supported Afghan immigrants for almost three decades https://www.hrw.org/news/2013/11/20/iran-afghan-refugees-and-migrants-face-abuse this article published by the “HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH” on November 20, 2013 stating how afghan immigrants are being forced to move out and are deporting immigrants back to Afghanistan even though the situation is dangerous than ever before. Iran treated these immigrants horrifically verbally and physically abusing them and forcing them to move out due to Iran already having a high population of 77.4 million in 2013 and 82 million in 2018.Iran could not have accompany its people so it needed to remove all the immigrants.

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My view on this topic is that amount of immigrants should be maintained and controlled especially in countries where population is extremely high. Pakistan can barely provide for its own citizens so how can it accompany immigrants and take care of them by providing food, shelter, and jobs. If countries keep on allowing immigration at such a large scale then progress of many countries will stop. Countries such as Afghanistan which allows its people to migrate it will not have any people to help the country to progress. Countries who allow immigrants to settle in will have to provide for them and it will change their focus. In my opinion migration at such a large scale should be stopped.

Causes and consequences

There are many causes for immigration https://www.concernusa.org/story/5-causes-forced-migration/ This article published by “CONCERN worldwide U.S” on April 12 2018 explaining some of the key reasons for people migrating to different countries and abandons their home countries. One reason being droughts in their home countries. Farmers’ livelihood depends on rain but if it does not rain that how can they provide for their family, drought does not affect just farmers but everyone in the area. Without any rain people have to resort to drinking dirty or contaminated water which can lead to serious diseases which could ultimately lead to death of hundreds if not thousands. This contaminated water can harm especially elderly, children and pregnant woman. Second reason for migration can be flooding and hurricanes, after the hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti in 2016 in left 1.5 million people homeless and 1.9 billion dollars’ worth of damage http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2017/06/rising-seas-could-result-2-billion-refugees-2100 another explains how by the year 2100 almost 2 billion people would migrate to different countries due to climatic changes such as droughts and floods.

The most prominent reason for immigration is because of war and conflict. Many innocent people immigrate to other countries to seek shelter and protection from their neighboring countries. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/jul/07/war-and-violence-drive-majority-of-people-fleeing-to-europe-by-sea-not-economics this article published by “The Guardian” points out that over 80% of an estimate of 1 million immigrants migrate to European countries due to war in 2015. Most of these immigrants were from countries where there is constant war such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and a quarter of these immigrants were children or under the age of 18.These children had been tortured in their home countries and were forced to move out due to the constant war in their countries. People migrate due to spread of disease in their countries, these disease can be life threatening and are not contained so people out of fear or in hopes of finding a cure migrate. Immigration can affect a country horribly and can have a devastating long term affects for any underdeveloped country such as India, Pakistan and Iran. These countries don’t have enough financial stability to provide the basic necessities e.g. water, gas and food how can they provide for immigrants. Immigration increases the economic burden on a country, unemployment and not being able to provide jobs for the people living in the country is already difficult for the country so allowing more people to settle and providing those immigrants with jobs will be near impossible. Allowing more people to settle in a country means that u will have to use resources on them as well and when they breed population will increase, increase in population more resources being used and the country will be left dried due to the overconsumption of limited sources.

Immigration can have devastating effects in the long term, If a country cannot provide for the immigrants it would need to take some form of loan or aid from another more developed country and that country would have a monopoly over that particular country, and countries such as Pakistan which are already in loan depth cannot afford to ask for more loans or aid and it would slowly crumble it would have to increase tax and market values will increase which will at the end increase poverty. Immigration can cause racial tension between the natives and the immigrants. We have a handful have of examples of racism against immigrants, African American when they migrated from Africa to America, Muslims being called terrorists in European countries, and France being infamous for their hate towards for immigrants in France it’s either you are French or u don’t belong here. Many immigrants have been harassed due to them being from a different countries and a different view of culture has separated the natives from the immigrants. Immigrants will always face racism wherever they go to and they will revolt which will cause fighting between them. Immigration can over the span of decades can actually be threatening to the culture of a country since immigrants bring their own beliefs, views and culture and their offspring will continue their culture and in the future might affect the culture of the host country this type of cultural change takes decades to occur but it indeed possible to happen

Steps to stop immigration

Many steps can be taken to stop immigration globally the world would have to work together to help and stop people from moving out. Developed countries such as the ones in Europe can easily help the countries such as Iran, Syria and Afghanistan who have majority of its population migrating, these European countries can easily provide aid in the form of military assistance to stop these wars and remove the suppressers who mistreat many of the citizens. War is the main reason for people moving out of their home countries and if wars are stopped or at least controlled people would not have to move out. The European Union should make rules that make sure that the developed countries help the more poor and defenseless countries these countries together can easily stop the wars. Countries that have been affected by natural disasters such as droughts and floods can also be helped so their citizens don’t have to leave their home country. Foreign countries can help in growing countries so that more rainfall occurs and can plant mangrove trees on the sea coast because mangroves are a good counter measure against floods and high sea levels. Developed countries can help and spread awareness to plant more trees and help prevent these natural disasters. Developed countries can pool in money together to provide money for a country so the underdeveloped country can make industries and produce jobs and increase the standard of living so it’s people will not have to migrate. Aid in the form of educated teachers and engineers can be paid to build infrastructure e.g. good quality roads, schools and hospitals so people will have a better standard of leaving and won’t leave, teachers can also be paid to teach so that the future generation can improve conditions and help the country progress. Conclusion My conclusion is that looking at the information I have gathered allowing immigration to other countries it will affect the economy, people and politics so instead of allowing immigration developed countries should try to improve the countries from which people are migrating so they won’t have any problem in stating in their home countries, if immigration is decreased then all countries can strive otherwise they will be burdened and won’t be able to progress because the priorities of the government will change, there is almost to no benefit of the hosting country and will slowly crumble and not be able to sustain itself

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