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Essay about Course Evaluation

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The Engineering Technical communication course was to improve our professional skills when we work in big multinational companies (MNCs), and corporations. I loved this course because it helped me to grow personally and professionally. And also helped me in building my confidence. I completed under graduation in 2019. I don’t have any professional experience. So, this course helped me to mingle with a lot of different people with different backgrounds in their professional life. And the in-class activities helped me so much with spontaneity. It helped me to think creatively in a small amount of time.

There is one individual assignment, i.e., Elevator Talk. This assignment is one of the most challenging tasks for me because I am very nervous about talking with others. So, during the peer review, we were divided into groups and asked to improve the talk by the comments that were given by the group members. This Elevator talk became one of the most challenging tasks for me. But after facing the challenge, I got some confidence to talk in front of people. I am also terrible at expressing views, and my body language is not right. This Elevator talk helped me to get through these difficulties. Our professor also showed videos related to this assignment and explained the positives and negatives of each talk. By following all the guidelines with a good number of rehearsals, we successfully made an elevator pitch.

During the course, I got to know about the memo (which I haven’t heard before), professional letters, and e-mails. We were also given the assignment to get some practice on a memo. In that assignment, we need to write a progress report in memo format. I learned the etiquette of e-mail on the same day as the lecture. Now e-mail has become our daily routine. It is essential to know how to write an e-mail formally. Since e-mail is the most used context in business relations, it is very important to convey our message correctly to the clients.

From the start of the course, we were told about the project and after two-three weeks, the professor divided us into groups of four-five people. Teams were randomly chosen, and that made the task more exciting. These people should do the project about Climate Change in Windsor. I feel this helped me a lot in many ways. Teamwork is an essential skill in the job market and knowing the teammate’s strengths and assigning tasks based on the skills of the people. In class, the professor told us about forming, storming, norming, and performing, which helped us a lot in preparing the project. The professor has given us different assignments to make the project alive. Assignments like meeting minutes, problem descriptions, and also the team survey taught me a lot. Now I can manage the conflicts between the team members by supporting and encouraging them. And also understood very well about time management.

Group assignments also taught me a lot of things, like merging all the information, and dividing the whole assignment among all the members based on their skills. Collaborative writing will make the work easy and simple. I got a habit of writing the points that were discussed during the meetings because of the meeting minutes. This will help me in the future in making notes during meetings. Setting timelines on assigned tasks, editing, and merging sections were majorly concentrated areas during the lecture.

One of the most important things I have learned in this course is citation. I have no idea what citation is. I have taken this as a challenge and taken to fill up the citation in the final proposal-1 and got to know my mistakes and again, I did in final proposal-2. Now I understood how to write and got to know how important citation is. This course helped in many ways.

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The professor helped us in improving our project also our skills. He has given feedback for all the team assignments and given us the time to improve our content. Connect also helped me to improve my grammar. He also showed some of the lectures which are useful to us. He also told us about the writing assistance that was present in the Leddy Library.

The professor also provided the opportunity to review other assignments to improve by giving suggestions. I thoroughly analyzed the reports and gave them proper feedback, which will further help them to make a wonderful final report. In the physical world, every organization makes reports; this would be an asset if I master it. The course will help me in other courses while doing projects, like the meeting minutes, progress report, and final report.

We also got lectured on advanced job searing and resume making. We come to know work expectations, various ways to search for jobs, etc. Resume-making has made me very clear, and all my doubts were clear. The course had a positive impact on me.

As the first impression is the best, I can use the elevator pitch in interviews. I can present myself as an immediate asset to the organization. This particular assignment has built my confidence.

Professional communication will help to communicate with people. For example, reacting to superiors, setting up an informational interview, writing a formal letter to the clients, etc. Now a day’s communication has become one of the essential skills.

Therefore, I strongly recommend the coming students to take this course seriously and try to attain knowledge as more as possible. As this course is mandatory, so everyone should go through this course and every student will be benefited from this course because you can learn many things which can’t be learned in other courses. You can also learn to make reports, presentations, teamwork, professional writing, and oratory skills.

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