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Essay On American Foreign Policy

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American foreign policy right now in 2019 can be called a lot of things, isolated,Selfish, inhumane and unexpected are some of the words that has been called so far . The change is an American foreign policy started in April 6, 2018 with the crack down on immigration When the justice departments new “zero tolerance “ policy for the southwest border of USA . This policy separates families who have migrated to the US . At least 3000 and more children have been displaced from their families and have been put in cages . Later , another announcement by the administration highlighted the annual refugee quota to about 30,000.

On May 8, 2008 Trump announced the withdrawal Iranian nuclear deal . Calling off the JCPOA which is also known as the joint comprehensive plan of action , Donald called off the deal . The deal was made to remove the harsh sanctions which was about the damage the economy of Iran . In return , Iran agreed to fall back on its nuclear program and also agreed for inspections for their side of the agreement .In 2017 trump made and accusation to Iran that Iran was violating the “spirit “ of the agreement . Which lead him to withdraw from the agreement 6 months later . By removing USA from the deal , trump turned down Obama’s one of the major foreign policy achievements during his time .

Another big step Trump made which changed in the area of foreign policy was by moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. On May 14, 2018, The US administration made a controversial move to establish a US Embassy on the disputed land of Jerusalem.It’s really officials think it was a good movie made by the US well as the Palestinians condemned it. Being the key Moderator and Mediator between the Israeli and Palestine in peace process since the time of Bill Clinton, This was a Step took by United States which are use the qualities that a mediator requires in peace negotiations.

On June 12, 2018 President Trump met face to face with a dictator Kim Jong-un from North Korea which happened in Singapore . Although having calling each other names like the “rocket man “ and the “ mentally derailed “ , the summit ended with positive attitudes from both sides .which lead them to signing an agreement which states that there will be complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and promised security for North Korea.

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On July 6, 2018 the United States declared a trade war with China.All things manufactured in China including electronics mechanical products what immediately subject it into imposing taxes when brought inside United States.Leading into a trade war with the worlds two largest economies.

Trump has been incredibly consequential on the world stage increasing diplomatic relationships with dictators , isolating USA from historically traditional allies and many more. ooking at the history of American foreign-policy there are many similarities between President Jackson who was the first populist of America and Donald Trump. Going up against John Quincy Adams son of a former president the same way Trump went against Hillary Clinton, the campaigns for both of them had to prove something big to the nation which would be different fromThe main stream way that it has been ruling the country. Both President Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump use the public to deliver the message and get their support in many situations. Andrew Jackson used to drill and debate with other people while Donald Trump uses Twitter as his medium to make his words out there in the public.

Donald Trump really doesn’t focus much on the history of foreign affairs as mentioned in one of his speeches he believes that he is the only one who matters and who is the real deal maker and the deal breaker. Any agreement or contract that has behind it it’s self within the American nation before it has to be re-taught by the other nations since most of them have been with Withdrawn and have been reconsidered. Many nations are concerned about the real value of the new president signature in an agreement.

Comparing Donald Trump’s methods with the other past presidents of the United States the past presidents used to take advice from the other members of the White House where as Trump mostly goes unprepared and has that boost of confidence where he mentioned that he was ready for this from a long time . This method used by Trump can be very challenging in the future. Donald mentioned before going to make the leader Kim Jong-un off courier that he didn’t need preparation and that it’s all about confidence. Looking back at the time when the united states president extended a similar hand in the reduction of nuclear power inflation during the time of President Ronald Reagan when he met the Soviet leader Mikal Gorbachev in 1986 talking about can’t control and management, they expected to talk about arms reduction in control but Gorbachev Proposed to illuminate all nuclear weapons within the time span of 10 years. This was a lesson for the American government as to how unexpected meetings with other world leaders of the nations can be. And that if you are caught off guard and unprepared for the meetings the concept of the whole meeting can be turned upside down .

Foreign policies and relations of a country refers to how the government deals with other countries in the matter of trade defense and how it safeguards the interest of the nation and the citizens.Trump has been using the isolation theory and has been dominating the other countries to satisfy the needs of his own. Believing that imperialism is not the way to lead a government he has taken this transaction ideology of running the world by power. Mentioning to the world that basically if you pay a lot of money to the US , US is going to help you and that if you are not going to be enough money the US will not. Another steps Donald Trump made was after noticing that the NATO countries are expected to be providing a certain amount of monetary funds from their GDP is to the organization however, none of the other NATO countries were able to do so and although Trump is right about other countries not being there to Contribute, the alternate way of making the other countries pay the similar amount suggested by Trump was really extreme . Trump took a big step in Withdrawing the nuclear umbrella from South Korea and Japan which is one of the major bedrock of stabilization of nuclear security in east Asia which has been maintained for decades. These acts has left the world unprepared as every step trump takes has always been unexpected and new to the world . The only thing the rest of us can do is hope there will not be a world war three and be prepared for the decisions trump has saved for the later years.

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