Essay on How Did Gandhi Influence Martin Luther King

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Mahatma Gandhi was respected among political leaders because of his ability to act with nonviolence and draw a crowd. He fought against the empirical British rule of India. Gandhi was born in India in 1869, and by the early 1910s, was on his way to becoming one of the most respected leaders in history. He was working as a lawyer in South Africa when he experienced racial injustice that would change his direction in life. While riding a train, he was harassed for being in first class, even with a ticket. He refused to move back on the train and was thrown off. After this day he vowed to spend his life fighting for the people who suffer unjustly from racial discrimination. In 1897, he fought to bring awareness to the legislature preventing Indians from voting in South Africa. In 1906, Gandhi created a massive group of followers for demonstrations of nonviolent public disobedience to protest a South African law that was passed, which stripped Hindus of marital rights.

In 1919, Gandhi drew together a crowd of peaceful protesters, protesting the British unjust incrimination against Indians In India. Gandhi was a great leader because of his ability to bring people together. His speeches gave his followers hope. He used his large following to call for boycotts and protests, weakening Britain's grasp on Indian society. He displayed his commitment by showing the people they didn't need to rely on the British government. This was done by making his clothes, with a spinner, and giving up his medal of honor. The spinner became the sign of Indian Nationalism. He utilized his dedicated following to call for boycotts and protests, weakening Britain's grasp on Indian society, and India’s reliance on the British. Ghandi was an impactful and smart leader, who utilized his followers and message to help him on his mission of peace.

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Martin Luther King and Gandhi used their power in similar ways. Similarly to Gandhi, Martin Luther King experienced racism first hand at a young age. Dr. King attended segregated schools his whole life. He was raised religious and later became a minister himself. His and the church’s values did not line up with the treatment of black people in the United States. He dreamed about equality and peace, but his dreams were always shut down by violence and racism towards African Americans. After the the segregation of simple things like water fountains and public transportation, Martin Luther King initiated a bus boycott to show the community his opposition to unjust laws. This brave act of leading civil disobedience showed the world he had what it took to bring hope and structure to a seemingly endless struggle in the United States. Martin Luther King became the leader of the civil rights movement in the United States. He engaged his followers in his mission with his speeches and rallies. He was another extremely respected and remembered leader, who changed the course of history in his country. Though he struggled against sometimes violent opposition, he kept his priorities of peace and nonviolence in mind. He gained further stature after his “I Have A Dream” speech to over 250 thousand people. MLK and Gandhi shared beliefs in peace, and both used their position in the community to hold huge rallies and marches to protest inequality. They both had visions of making peace and solidarity a reality.

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