Essay on Mollie from 'Animal Farm': Character Analysis

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Mollie is a white mare at a farmhouse. She used to draw Mr. Jones’s carriage. She is good-looking and loves being pampered. She holds a very high opinion of herself. She is practical, able to acknowledge facts and make the right decisions.

Her habits are practical and unique. She is fond of wearing red ribbons in her hair. She is addicted to eating lumps of sugar. She is more concerned about her ribbons and sugar at the time of rebellion than anything else. She thinks about her food while other animals do not think that. Mollie asks Mr. Jones innocently if she will get sugar after the rebellion. Mr. Jone tells her that she will have hay and oats to eat after the rebellion she once again asks Jone if she may be allowed to wear ribbons after the rebellion Mr. Jone replies that she will not be allowed to wear ribbons after the rebellion as it is the mark of slavery. This shows that she is innocent and practical in her behavior.

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She is a vain and proud creature. She decorates her body with ribbons. She wants to lead a comfortable life. She is not hard working at all. She does not get up early in the morning as other animals do. She always tells the other animals that there is a stone stuck in her hoof. One day Clover discovered a stash of ribbons and sugar in her stalk and pigeons watched her while the man from Fox Wood petted her nose. She seems a character who keeps her passions, interests, and tensions at the top of all her other loved ones.

She is also a wise creature. When Mr. Jones along with his men attack the farm in order to recapture it, all the animals fight but Mollie is absent from the scene. Later on, we find that she is hiding in her stall in the stable. She is lying there, with her head buried in the hay. She did this to save her life. This shows that she is wise and makes the right decision.

She knows when to bow out in the face of a lost cause. She is a shirker and gets up late in the morning. She complains of pain in her body. She runs away from work she begins to make contact with human beings, belonging to neighboring farms. Finally, she leaves the animal farm and takes a job with a tavern keeper in Willington to work as his cart horse. She thinks that she will get more facilities there, in animal farms she will starve to death and get nothing to eat. She leaves the animal farm and her colleagues and joins the enemy camp. This shows that she can do anything for her benefit.

Her character in the perspective of her time period and with the requirements of survival, she looks very clearly stands with full strength and wisdom and takes the correct decision to bow in the face of the lost cause of life without making any protest as well as speeches

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