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The Role Of Leadership In Animal Farm And Me Too Movement

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In George Orwell's “Animal Farm” he uses allegory and propaganda to prove the quote “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In the story the readers see Napoleon take a leadership role, and he begins to abuse his power. Napoleon had only gotten to his leadership role by scaring and misleads the animals. George Orwell writes Animal Farm as an allegory. “Animal Farm” is written based off of the Russian Revolution. Similar to Animal Farm there are many instances in society and real life that prove the quote to be true. The “Me Too” movement was a movement in which women would write “Me Too” on social media to share the fact that they had been sexually assulted or harrased typically by their boss or people in a higher ranking than them. It showed that people with power tend to hurt people who aren’t as dominant. The “Me Too” movement displays how people in powerful positions, such as politicians and directors, have the ability to harm others, and the movement was an inspiring way for women to voice their experiences and opinions.

When Lord Acton said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts aboslutely” he was explaining how power corrupts people because as someone gains power they loose their empathy for others. The “Me Too” movement exhibits how dominant people can easily abuse others in lower ranks because of their authority. In “#MeToo-Changing Brains, Relationships and Power Dynamics” Amy Banks explains, “Kelner's research and theory suggests that for many people simply having power over others decreases the activity in the part of the brain needed to understand the impact of your behavior on others.” (Banks 5). Studies can show that powerful individuals don’t think about other people’s feelings. Their lack of ethics and morals provoke them to abuse people around them. Dacher Kelner conducts experiments that demostrate that “The qualities that often bring someone to power, like empathy and the ability to listen to others, diminish once a person is in power.” (Banks 4). These discoveries indicate why many people that where acused of sexual harrasment during the movment may have chosen to abuse their power.

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Two powerful men that were accussed in the Me Too movement were Harvery Weistein and Al Franken, a director and a federal offical. These two men are an example of how many accused in the movement behaved. Someone authoritative, like Harvey Weisnstein and Brett Kavanaugh are capable of misconduct because power psycologically affects them. In “Why do so many powerful men behavelike Harvey Weisnstein? This psychologist has some theories” Samantha Schmidt concludes, “From Keltner’s research, one takeaway is clear: A feeling of power can transform people’s behavior, making them more impulsive and less empathetic to others’ needs. It “turns up the volume on your preexisting tendencies,” Keltner said.” (Schmidt 11). Although Power can affect the way individuals behave according to Keltner it only enhances habit that they previsouly had. As Harvey Weistein gained more power it began to corrupt him. When he had power he didn’t seem to care about how he treated other people which is what lead to him having sexual alligations aganist him. Weistein was a high profile director, but there have also been other people like Al Fraken who have been accused in the movement as well. The article states,”The #MeToo movement has brought the swift downfall of many powerful federal officials over the past year. Among those dispatched: One senator, eight House members and three congressional candidates. One federal judge. Two White House aides.” (Gerhart/Rindler 1). The article “How #MeToo has changed the D.C. power structure - so far” displays how numerous federal officals have been accused of sexual harrasment. This demonstrates how so many people in power have been accused in the movement because power has impacted their lives. In the movement majority of people accused were people with power which means that the power exploited them.

The “Me Too” movement an inspiring movement aganist sexual abuse, and assult. The movement gave women a safe place to share with others what they’ve been through, and it brought down powerful people who hurt them. In the article “#MeToo - Changing Brains, Relationships and Power Dynamics” the author expresses,” The #MeToo movement is giving a viral voice to women (and men) who have been the targets of violence and harassment. It is a social change campaign that I never thought would happen in my lifetime.” (Banks 1). To many people it was a surprise that women spoke out aganist people who were so powerful. However, a notable number of people found the movement encouraging, and uplifting. The Movement presented women with a way to reclaim power. It was very successful because it made victums feel like they weren’t alone and it joined people together with support. In the article Banks adds,”This new movement has allowed women to find their voices and to reclaim their dignity. In doing so they have shed shame, blame and pain simply by joining a group of women and men speaking out against the abuse of power. I am honored to be a part the movement. #MeToo!” (Banks 14). Tarana Burke was an African American activist she was also the women who founded the “Me Too” movement and her original plan for the movement has become successful. She wanted the movement to help women who had been abused or assulted and to raise awarness for them. Since she started the movement it has grown tramendously and has become quite popular. In the article“She Founder Me Too. Now She Wants to Move Past the Trauma” it states,”In the year since the movement upended entertainment and politics, Burke has been working to ensure that Me Too doesn’t lose sight of its mission: to connect survivors of sexual assault to the resources they need in order to heal.” (Harris 2) Although the movement has become popular over time, Burke has not lost sight of what’s important. She made sure that the movement helped the victums and surviors, and sheis also working to change laws and policies on this matter to help the cause.

The “Me Too” movement gave women the opportunity to share their exposure to sexual abuse and assult. The movement demonstrates how authoritative individuals can abuse powerless people due to their higher rank. The movement shows how power can change someone’s actions, and cause them to act in unacceptable ways. Like “Animal Farm” the “Me Too’ movement demonstrates how when people take leadership roles they become corrupt and unethical.

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