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Social Media as a Tool for Social Movements

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In this article, the authors offer convincing arguments regarding the use of social media to influence social movements. Such technological innovations provide the best environment for participation and encourage people to focus on issues that affect them directly. Individuals who rely on social media platforms will have higher chances of pursuing a wide range of initiatives, thus becoming an important social capital. The authors explain why those who want to record identifiable gains should be ready to analyze some of the emerging trends and develop the relevant networks (Hwang & Kim, 2015). They can focus on most of the existing challenges and consider some of the best initiatives to transform the recorded situation. The article goes further to identify some of the possible gaps and barriers that might affect the level of interest and participation in social movement activities. Those who want to address them engage in lifelong learning and expand their networks. They should also maximize their competencies in the use of social media to maximize the recorded benefits.

The presented information explains how different social media platforms could become appropriate avenues or tools for pursuing social change. The authors are experienced in the field since they have been working in reputable institutions of higher learning. The researchers have also identified some of the issues that might affect the willingness of different people to be involved in social movements (Hwang & Kim, 2015). The outlined challenges in the current study form the basis for completing additional research and presenting additional insights that can help more people use social media platforms efficiently. The presented evidence can support the completion of a high-quality paper focusing on the power of social media in promoting social movements or agenda-setting.

The author of this article relies on his vast knowledge and understanding of social change. The description of the Tahrir Square events of 2011 makes it possible for the researcher to explain how social media could have led to some of the positive outcomes recorded in Egypt (Lim, 2012). Specifically, the work tries to identify the role of media and how it helped transform the nature and process of activism. The proliferation of handheld devices and the emergence of social media platforms throughout the first decade of the 21st century allowed more people to access information and share ideas. The emergence and the subsequent success of several movements in Egypt could explain the emerging role of social media and how it could support social change. The leaders were able to rely on such platforms to learn more about the people’s grievances and consider better ways to empower them.

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From this analysis, it is agreeable that the article is informative and provides additional concepts for learning more about the power of social media. This global resource is available to all leaders and followers who want to pursue social change. The work is capable of guiding future agenda setters and policymakers to identify new ways of involving all citizens and focusing on the right outcomes. The insights could also empower more people to identify better ways of merging online activism with offline protests (Lim, 2012). According to this article, the ultimate aim should be to meet the demands of the greatest majority, solve some of the recorded societal challenges, and introduce better practices that can change societies much faster.

In the article “Social Media and the Social Movements in the Middle East and North Africa”, the author offers a detailed analysis of social media and its role in helping support the communication of discourse. The author uses the case of Islamic Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries to describe how most of the recent waves succeeded or achieved some of the initial goals. The use of these platforms makes it possible for citizens to remain involved, share their ideas, and mobilize each other (Shirazi, 2013). The availability of such resources and their proliferation could also make it possible for minorities and oppressed groups to engage in successful actions and eventually achieve their potential. This high-quality information is appropriate and capable of guiding more people to pursue their social and economic goals.

The article goes further to explain how the reactions and interference of state agencies and governments could dictate the role or the effectiveness of social media in influencing social movements. When the rationales put in place fail, chances are high that the affected individuals might choose to increase their protests while at the same time relying on the use of various social media platforms (Shirazi, 2013). The author’s expertise and knowledge in issues to do with social media explain why the presented information is accurate and capable of predicting the future role of such platforms. Those who rely on them will find it easier to influence social change positively and take more people closer to their goals. The success recorded in the region under study explains how the Internet will continue to guide and empower more people to have their voices heard and eventually transform their life experiences.

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