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Integrity as The Major Item Of Leadership

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The greatest challenge of leadership is to maintain integrity. Even in the world of business, education, and politics, character is recognised as major issue for leaders. When leaders fail to maintain integrity, their families and the people entrusted them would suffer the consequences.

Integrity begins from within and is based on sincerity. The word ‘Sincere’ comes from the Latin word for ‘without wax.’ In the ancient world, dishonest potters would disguise cracks in low-quality clay pots by covering them with wax. The pots looked perfect, but when exposed to heat, the wax would melt, exposing the cracks I.e., the potter’s dishonesty, rendering the pots useless.

Integrity includes our behaviour, which is to be blameless. We should do nothing to cause others to stumble.

Put in simple terms, integrity is being the same in heart, mind and actions. It is about who you are as a person, the commitments that you stand on, and the actions consistent with the first two elements.

Leader of the people decides the future of the people whereas the leader of the countries decides the future of the world. One wrong step taken by the leader would result in unthinkable chaos. For example, The United States is seen as the ultimate leader that keeps the world in peace. Any disturbance in its decisiveness would allow the world to collapse in a night.

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John MacArthur describes integrity as the quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. Until the top piece in the chessboard remain unconquered, undisturbed and as a whole, the game goes smoothly. The alternative would result in a huge loss in the blink of an eye.

The leaders of any sort are one who when he or she says something, people tend to trust it and people tend to count in it.

Without Integrity the title leadership is vague and must be stripped off from the person that is entitled to for the good of the people, of the state, of the country and of the world.

One wrong chosen leader and that’s just the beginning of suffering that the people have to go through. 49% have suffered enough because 51% thought otherwise and chose. All in all, 100% have suffered in unspeakable ways. Mouths have been shut, freedom has been crushed, democracy has been mocked.

There’s nothing like a chance when it comes to the safety, freedom of the people. Is he or she is the person of integrity? The only question should play a huge part. If not, people, you have been officially signed off to get sentenced for life.

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