Essay on Ocean Pollution Solution Inventions

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Have you ever looked into the sky at night and seen it so unclear, have you not wondered why the sky doesn't look like the sky from New Hemisphere? Research states that it is due to pollution in the air. Pollution should be considered a threat to the world because it is adverse to the environment, air, and agriculture. Pollution is the introduction of harmful things into the environment. Harming the quality of air, water, and land.

A group of researchers states that pollution is bad for health but good for the planet. Pollution has been said to help stop global warming. It also states that plastic is one of the most “destructive materials” making it hard to get rid of it. It states that 32 percent of plastic is left out floating in the oceans. Mark Herrema has come up with the AirCarbon, which consists of 40 percent air and 60 percent oxygen. He states that it's “No oil. No fossil fuel. Just air and captured carbon emission” that would later turn on to air combined. The AirCarbon is biodegradable, It moves oil and reduces carbon. Although the presented argument has a point. It is best to acknowledge what is the problem and that is pollution. Every year is something new and different, the number of degradation changes as well as the rating of the environment on the pollution.

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Researchers are working on building things that use no oil and don't pollute the earth more. Their inventions are being tested outside, people are unaware of what their inventions might contribute to the world. Just like Mark Herreman, stated that the AirCarbon is biodegradable and can change shape. What if it is not handled carefully and leaks to other places that it's not supposed to be? What then? This could lead to water contamination if not handled properly. Since the AirCarbon is still being tested It's not sure of its full use and capacity of it. There is more than one type of pollution in this world. Water pollution affects Americans the most. Not only because it uses freshwater the most but also the way it washes off when it rains. It carries its way out into the waterways. It also makes its way to groundwater where in some places it is there only freshwater source people have. The pollution in the water makes people sick and in danger. Some of the places with the most water contamination are sewage and industrial waste discharge. All the toxic substances degrade the water quality. Improper use of agricultural practices leads to soil and underwater degradation. Pollutants can be organic radioactive and so on. As had been said contamination of the Environment is one of the most serious problems the Earth is facing today. Environmental pollution is defined as an unpleasant change in the physical and biological components of the environment. One-third of the topsoil is already being used for degradation. This is due to improper agricultural, industrial, and deforestation the topsoil could be gone within a few years. This happens when chemical substances are introduced to the water. Eighty-four percent of lakes are contaminated for fishing, swimming, and aquatic life. Warming water is bad due to it holding less oxygen and harming aquatic wildlife. Just like spillage of chemicals is harming soil and water, it is also harming aquatic wildlife and its species. Water contamination of 1.2 trillion of untreated water is being discharged annually into American water. This means that it is being dumped in the environment polluting lakes, rivers, and oceans. The pollution of water is putting our health at risk, due to water being a “must” in life. Less than one percent of the earth’s freshwater is suitable for use. Even though the majority of the people have access to safe drinking water there have been found arsenic, copper, and lead in tap water which people use to cook. The WHO states that contaminated drinking water causes 502,000 diarrhea deaths each year. This is due to all borne pathogens that are in the contaminated area. Forty percent of Americans rely on groundwater, it's their only freshwater source. This gets contaminated when pesticides and fertilizers get thrown and make their way into an aquifer making it unsuitable for human use. Groundwater can spread contaminating lakes, streams, and oceans as said before. Marine pollution begins on land, everything from the coast to inland. It all washes off to the ocean. Contaminates such as nutrients and metal are carried out and travel out to the ocean. Just like agriculture is the biggest consumer of freshwater, it is also the leading cause of degradation. Wetlands also give into contamination in groundwater and estuaries. According to The EPA, babies who drink contaminated water get seriously ill with blue-baby syndrome which is a condition where the baby's skin turns blue and it's hard for them to breathe. Water contamination also makes the food chain unbalanced due to the toxic chemicals killing fish and other aquatic Air pollution is the introduction of biological chemicals into the air causing people to get sick and damaging crops and other living organisms. To begin with, air pollution is sometimes visible and people can see it through the smoke, and sometimes it's invisible for example at night. People can't see it but can tell through the clarity of the sky when looking at the stars. Air pollution is dangerous both ways. It can make people's eye burn without even seeing it.

Air pollution kills quickly. Breathing is part of life, so when people release deadly chemicals into the air it causes people to breathe in and die. In 1984, an accident at a pesticide plant released deadly chemicals and killed 8,000 people. Some air pollution is poisonous. Inhaling them increases the risk of health problems. Air pollution doesn't only affect the outside, It affects in and outside of a facility.

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