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Essay on The Alchemist: Analysis of the Plot and Characters

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In the Preface of the narrative, the alchemist reads a story about Narcissus—anadolescent so captivated by his mirror image that he falls into a lake and drowns. In this edition of the story, the deity of the woods encounters the lake and finds it crying, and assumes that the freshwater (lake) misses Narcissus’s beauty. Nevertheless, the lake reveals that, actually, it’s weeping for the reason that it misses being able to admire its peculiarmirror image in Narcissus’s eyes. “What a lovely story,” the alchemist thinks.

In Portion One, Santiago passes the night-time with his herd of sheep in a desertedpriestly church. That evening, he has a frequent vision. At some point in his voyage, Santiago encounters a fortune-teller.The fortuneteller understands the vision to mean that if Santiago journeys to the pyramids, he’ll find concealedfortune.

Irritatedby the evaluation, Santiago leaves, and soon sits down to read his book. An old man sits down next to him and presents himself as Melchizedek, he enlightens that Santiago has learned his Personal Legend – the thing a person has always sought to achieve. Melchizedek says that he seems to appear to people in times when they are about to quit on their Personal Legends.Melchizedek says to Santiago that if he wants to find the wealth he will have to follow the omens that the God will reveal to him. He gives Santiago two stones, called Urim and Thummim, which can be used for fortune telling. Santiago arrives in Morocco, but gets mugged.

As Portion Two of the novel opens, Santiago is employed by the crystal mercantile. He wants to build a display case to draw more interest to the store, and the mercantilegives Santiago consent to build it.Business at the workshopinflates. The mercantile knows that this will modify the nature of the business, but he feels he cannot defy the foreseeable, or as he says “maktub,” meaning “it is written.” He sees Santiago’s emergence in his life as both a good thing and a blight.

Soon Santiago has sufficient money and decides to go after his riches. He discovers a caravan crossing the desert. As he waits for it to leave, Santiago meets an Englishman who says that he is in look for of the universal language.

As the convoy voyages to the desert oasis of Al-Fayoum, Santiago is acquaintances with a camel rider. The camel driver says that terror is no more important when an individual comprehends that the mortal lives were carved by the similar hand that molded the domain. In the meantime, the Englishman says Santiago of a mutual theory that links all belongings – the Soul of the universe – and gives Santiago several records about the Main Work of alchemy: a Bright green Tablet, on which was printed the top-secret to making the Sorcerer’s Stone, which possibly could change or transform lead into gold, and the Potion/Elixir of Life, which established permanency.

The convoy reaches unharmed at the oasis. Santiago assists the Englishman explore the alchemist. At some point of time, Santiago encounters a young woman to enquire about the alchemist and unexpectedly he feels the Soul of the World. Right away he understands that the worldwide language is love. He sees the lady, Fatima, everyday, and expresses her of his search for his treasure. In time, Fatima tells him to carry onin the direction of his goal and chase his dream and say that if they are actually destined to be as one, then he'll return one day.

One time Santiago sees a bizarre male riding a horse confront him. Santiago holds the risk of his own demise and is not terrified. The foreigner then discloses this was an assessment of Santiago's bravery, which is required when one desires to value the Language of the World. Santiago then learns that he has met the alchemist.

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As they both move through in the desert, the alchemist expresses that Santiago must heed in to his core, since it originated from the Soul of the World.

Soon, the alchemist and Santiago are broughtin prison by one of the military tribes. The alchemist says that Santiago is an alchemist who can transform himself into the wind.

Once they’re unaided, Santiago objects that he has no knowledge about or of how to change himself into the wind, but the alchemist retorts that when an individual is living out his most desired goal or a Personal Legend, he has all the tools he needs.

On the third day, the rival chief makes Santiago go up to a cliff over head the rival camp. He sees the togetherness between his soul and the God’s soul and identifies that he has the capability to execute miracles. Santiago changes himself into the wind, making a dreadful cyclone. The next day, the alchemist and Santiago go on with their voyage and move away from the camp.

As a final point Santiago and the alchemist arrive at a monastery, where a priest welcomes them in to rest. Then the alchemist bids Santiago goodbye.

Santiago ride unaccompanied all the way through the desert and at the top of a dune Santiago sees the Egyptian pyramids ahead of him.

As he digs, more than a few people come up to Santiago. When Santiago tells them he is searching for fortune at that lay, the head of the refugees says he’s being naive and adds that two years ago he himself had a repeating vision in which he saw a deserted church that protected shepherds and sheep. The hallucination told him that if he dug at the roots of the tree rising through the heart of the church, he would discover a concealed fortune. But he never went in search of the fortune, because it was just a vision. After the refugees have left, Santiago laughs out loud, for the reason that now he knows the position of his fortune.

In the closing stages of the story, Santiago arrives at the forsaken church where his story started. He almost right away finds a trunk of gold and jewels. The wind starts to blow, and it brings with it a recognizable aroma of fragrance. Santiago smiles and says, “I’m coming, Fatima.”

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