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Ethics in Leadership: Adolf Hitler

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My choice of a leader is Adolf Hitler, he came from the 20th century as a powerful Nazi dictator that took advantage of financial distress, unhappiness and also the lack of power within the political climate ( editors, 2019). He used these areas to get a head and gain total power within Germany ( editors, 2019). He was born in Australia and his dream was to major in fine arts ( editors, 2019). However, things did not work out for him he was rejected from Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts and he lost his parents five years apart ( editors, 2019). In 1913, he moved to Germany at the time of World War 1 ( editors, 2019).

Hitler’s interest for politics grew while he was in Vienna and now in Bavaria he was given the opportunity to “volunteer in a reserve infantry regiment” ( editors, 2019). Hitler served within in the Great War from 2016-2018, he did have some injuries were he fully recovered from ( editors, 2019). In November of 1923, he got himself into trouble in Munich by having a gun battle with police, he was later arrested and charged with treason ( editors, 2019). He severed 9 months and during that time he wrote two books, which the first one because a big seller ( editors, 2019). In his books he talked about what he would do when he gained power and foreign policy ( editors, 2019). He laid low gathering thing he needed to gain absolutely power of the country, he had built up army, business and industrial leaders ( editors, 2019). In 1933, he went up against Paul von Hindenburg and Hitler became chancellor in late January 1933 and then in March 1933 he was provided with all power by the Enabling Act ( editors, 2019).

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Hitler was affiliated with The German Workers’ Party, which had hatred for Jews (National Socialism. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 2020, 2020). He ruled Germany and this party from 1933 to 1945 and the members of this party were called Nazis (National Socialism. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 2020, 2020). This organization had their own salute and their own symbol that represented their union (National Socialism. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 2020, 2020). The reason he is worthy of this study is that he is not the normal leader that we would be looking to within a business organization and the type of leader he was is different than most leaders you see that makes a difference with being ethical and Hitler was unethical by taking Jew’s lives. The other thing is why he thought he was ethical in doing what he did, which is worth exploring.

I see Adolf Hitler’s leadership styles under two of these leadership styles, which are autocratic and authoritative. Autocratic style provides a mentality within the leader as they are the one that is the smartest and knows everything, their decisions as based on what they feel is right and not depending or taking information from other members of the team (Martinuzzi, n.d). Then you have the authoritative style and Hitler had this he was a visionary with a follow me attitude (Martinuzzi, n.d). Hitler was more autocratic than anything, because he ordered his army around to kill out the Jews and take away their German citizenship.

Adolf Hitler was also a charismatic leader, he had strong leadership skills that got people to follow him, one of those is because he believes fully in his vision. He believed that Jews were an obstacle within the German society. However, like I stared his delivery of his leadership style resonates in autocratic style, driven to rise to the superior and provide orders (Megargee, 03). He was persistent and did not trust others and relied on his own internal thoughts and feelings (Megargee, 03). What I can use an apply to my leadership style is to not be autocratic type of leader. I want to be a leader that encourages and always see the good in everyone, however hold authority when things do not go well. I feel like I have those in my management style, but still need to work on being more persuasive by showing the vision I expect to meet.


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