Every Person Has The Right To Be Born No Matter What

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Has our respect for human life stopped? How can we deny something which is beautiful in its creation and individuality? How wonderful is an infant, to be given a chance at life? How beautiful it is to see the love shared between a mother and infant. This gift of life should not be a thing to dismiss from importance. Abortion is a grotesque thing, a despairing thing, a thing that brings dread, mourning, remorse, and regret. While I am advocating against abortion, there are some circumstances I see that should be put into consideration. If a female is impregnated because of rape or incest, or the medical doctor of the patient has diagnosed serious risk to the mother when giving birth, or the baby has been medically examined to have a serious defect that won’t give a chance of life after birth, then abortion should be permitted. Abortion should not be allowed when you had the choice to take precautions from getting pregnant because it violates civil rights, can cause trauma for the woman, and ultimately never goes away.

When does life begin? Only a few weeks after contraception, a baby's DNA is present. At just 5 weeks an embryo develops its very own spinal cord and nervous system, allowing it to feel for itself. Along with the spinal cord, the embryo has its own blood system, separate from the mother. At weeks 6 and 7 is when the heart and the brain are formed that will later allow for this tiny embryo to live on its own.

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These are just a few examples of how the embryo develops in the mother's womb. Life does not just begin the second the baby reaches the air. No, life begins when the embryo starts to take form. This embryo has its very own organs, blood, and can move by itself. When it comes to abortion people start off by saying, the woman has a moral right to do what she wants to her own body. But when I look at it, it's not her body or life she is deciding to put away. When a woman decides to get an abortion, she is choosing to end the life of an innocent human being who had no say. When “unborn children are deprived of life – the most basic right of all – simply based on their location (their mother’s womb) and their developmental status,” It really shows how focused people are on their effortless needs. Is keeping a social status or out of trouble with your parents really important enough to end another human being's life?

Every person has the right to life no matter where or who they are so why doesn't this apply to life inside the womb?

When a healthy embryo is formed, the basis of life is formed. This life should be given a chance and respect for the civil rights it deserves. By having an abortion we violate those rights and cause the mother to have bigger worries than her not having the chance to do what she wants to do to ‘her body’. Countless studies have been done to show that abortion harms women in a variety of ways. The harm can be emotional, physical, mental, and can lead to relationship harm as well. In some cases, this harm has even caused death to women. At the start it may seem like the best option and that it will be all fixed after the fact, but that is when it hits you the hardest.

A lady named Teresa shares her experience and thoughts after her abortion, “ My abortion has left me with an empty place in my heart and life. My family feels somewhat incomplete, when we are all home together, I get the sense that someone is so definitely missing. I have felt a great deal of sorrow and regret over the effect this has had on all of us. As a mother, I struggle with the reality that I destroyed my child.” You will always feel a void in your life that you can't fill, and for many women, this has led to depression, anxiety, and many other illnesses. I'm not saying that you are going to die from having an abortion but what I am saying is that the grief and pain from something missing in your life will stay with you forever.

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