Factors Influencing the Framing of Indian Foreign Policy

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The foreign policy of India regulates India's relations with other states of the world in promoting its national interests. In recent years, there has been an unprecedented change in Indias foreign policy. The issues of Masood Azhar, the surgical strike, or the Indo-China tension all involved Indias foreign policy holders executing their work effectively.

Geographical factors As India occupies a central position in Asia and largest area in South Asia. The Himalayas are like sentinels of India playing an important role in determining relations with other Himalayan countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar. Though the desire of china to maintain its dominance in the region continuously since 1962 has a clear impact on India’s foreign policy, which has recently shown a relation with Nepal.

With this, India's dominance over the Indian Ocean has become an important power of the Indian- Pacific region. At present it is an important trade route and communication for the whole world.

Population- India is the second most populous and youngest country in the world. And becoming a consumption -oriented country, in such situations it will fulfil the need of a big market for all the producing nations. But for a large population and problems like poverty there has been a dispute in the World Trade Union between India and America

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Government System- ASEAN countries plagued by China look towards India because India's democracy follows the principle of peaceful coexistence. But many times, in the parliamentary system, the role of state governments is also important because if there is a coalition government at the centre, as was shown in the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka and the 2005 US Nuclear Deal.

Regional Environment- Regional events are also important in determining foreign policy. In 1971, the alliance of China, US and Pakistan brought a crisis situation for India, then India got inclined towards Russia. At present, the increasing dominance of China is also a reason for intensification of India-US relations. India has increased India's capacity and power with Look East to Act East policies and China's rise in ASEAN.

Economic Development- Economic sovereignty is of utmost importance in determining foreign policy. Like its policy, India had to open its markets in 1991, but after that India has become very strong financially. India is an important energy consumer, with countries like Turkmenistan, Iran , Russia having economic alliances with India. But still the negative trade balance with China remains India's main problem.

These elements are present in todays foreign policy of India, but the elements change constantly. IN modern times, it is necessary to determine policies keeping the national interest in mind.

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