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The Impact of Media in Foreign Policy

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Iakov Frizis examines the impact of modern media on foreign policy development in this essay. This paper looks at media in two ways: as an input source for decision-making and as a setting that actors must consider during policy formulation. The current structure, according to the author, is anarchic, competitive, and inter-polar, while states' socialization is identified. Furthermore, the essay describes foreign policy as the expression of a country's goals in the international arena, which are shaped by the relationship that exists between a country's constraints and its national interests.

Foreign policy is the representation of a country's interests against other nations. The relative degree determines the effectiveness of the articulation. No state can effectively achieve and maintain global hegemony due to the anarchic nature of the international system. The globe is far too big for any single country's limited scope. As a result, in order to achieve stability and prosperity, a state must employ additional means to control other actors in the international system. Institutional interdependence and the liberal school of thought's approach to foreign policymaking are two of the key elements that will direct us through the analysis of the media's influence on a state's relative level of prestige.

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The following study is based on the principle that authority belongs to the people, not the ruling government. This implies that, in order to stay in power, the government is attempting to obtain popular support for its actions. As a result, the following syllogisms apply to all democratic and semi-autocratic systems as long as the government does not achieve dominance. This review will begin with a glance at the domestic power system. Then it will demonstrate how the media can influence the power balance between the government, the elites, and civil society. Last but not least, it will highlight how the growth of media has impacted the emergence of such media-driven phenomena. Even though the media has a great ability to control what people think about, it would be a failure to disregard their ability to manipulate people's opinions. The media also focuses on 'procedural framing.' These strategies focus on making negative or constructive criticisms of how policy decisions are implemented. Substantive framing is another technique for expressing one's view. In such a case, media evaluations are essential. The executive, the hierarchy, and the pluralist elements of the 'manufacturing consent principle' are thus revealed. According to the executive edition, the government exerts control over the media, encouraging them to frame their broadcasts in line with the government's agenda. The elite version, on the other hand, describes non-conformity of the media to the government agenda as a byproduct. For example, we can see how Mr. Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister and media tycoon, was able to become the country's longest-serving postwar Prime Minister through a positive framing of his policies, despite the fact that, according to a counterfactual syllogism, Italy will most likely be better-off following policies other than those proposed by Berlusconi.

To sum up, this essay does not regard the media as another sovereign player in the international sphere, attempting to manipulate others in order to defend its own interests. It also doesn't pay much attention to the reductionist interpretation of the people who may be in charge of the media. This essay has shown that the media can take on many forms, and that technology has evolved to allow for this. In other words, the game and the players have stayed the same, although the rules or factors that a player must consider, as well as the tactics that a player must use in order to “checkmate the opposing king, have modified and probably become more sophisticated. To put it another way, the transformation of media has had an effect on both the foreign and domestic structures.

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