Friends vs. Pets Or Both

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Everyone has a best friend,but they can be a hassle at some point in time.Some of them can do some despicable things that most people cannot even imagine it.Many people have wondered if they can consider a pet or pets to be their best friends in life.People do not necessarily have people as best friends because pets make a great alternative in that role.

For starters,pets listen better than humans on a daily basis.Pets never use a tool that everyone has done at least once in their life,which is only listening to what the person wants to.This feature is commonly known as selective hearing and humans use it a lot.A main pet that listens well is a dog.It is proven that dogs listen to their owners a lot throughout their lives.They care so much about their owner that they will listen to what they have to say.Dogs listen to the owners because they want their owners to know that they are there.Pets,in general,are a better listener than any friend can be.

Secondly,pets care greatly for their owners more than friends care for each other.Cats,dogs and other animals love their owners very much,and they would do anything for them.Each pet show their owner in different ways that they love them for who they are.Friends are bad about this because they always have something better to do than spend time with their friends.They also do not care about what their friends have to say unlike pets.Friends cannot be trusted with your care because they can start rumors about the information that a person gives them.No matter who that person is to a friend they will still find a way to start something about a little bit of information.Pets,on the other hand,will never spread anything about their owner because they love their owners too much.The right thing for a pet to do is to give their owner unconditional love throughout their entire life.

Another reason for pets to be a best friend other than humans is they are sensitive to the way that their owner feels.My first two dogs were a chihuahua mix with a mutt named Bandit and a red heeler/blue heeler mix named Jake.They both would do anything for me and my brother and sister.Those two dogs could always tell if we had something wrong with us.They were always there to help cheer us up in any way that they could.After Bandit died, we got a new dog which it is a basset hound mixed with a beagle named Bo.He is a great companion to have because he is very sensitive to the feelings of his owners.After Jake died, a few months ago we decided to get two blue heelers named Diesel and Dolly.They care so much for my siblings and me.Dolly is super sensitive to me because she likes me a lot more than the others.Even at my uncle’s house,His blue heeler named Doser is very sensitive to me.After each dog that I have known that has died,the new dogs could sense that something was wrong and helped me through it.Each dog cares for me, and I do in return because they have helped me through the hard times.people do not care as much as pets because people do not rely on each other like pets do.Pets love their owners because their owners are the pets lifeline.Everyone needs a sensitive friend to have a mature conversation with and friends do not cut it.Humans are always finding new ways to poke fun at anything that they can.If we all get a best friend that is a pet,then the world we be a better place.

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Any animal would be great to have as a pet because they offer no criticism about ourselves.They make us feel very important in everyday of our lives.Even if the animal does something wrong,they can make anyone’s heart melt in many ways to make them forget why they are mad in the first place.They are the vocal point of everything in which people are looking for in a best friend.Pets play a vital role in just about all everyday actions.Friends are always the first person to offer criticism about anything that they think about any one person.Dogs,along with all other animals,offer nothing but unconditional love and support.Their only form of criticism that animals give is shown by their face when their owner dumps the little amount of food in the food bowl.

One more reason for choosing a pet as a best friend instead of a human is pets are overprotective of their owner.I know someone whose dog will not allow anybody get close to her.I can also relate with this because of Doser.In both cases,the dogs love the human so much that they do not want anyone to get close to harm them.A human friend would never protect their friends like the way that a dog does.Animals,especially dogs,care deeply for everyone that they know.They do not want anything to happen to their owners if they can help it.Animals are so loyal,especially to their owners,because they care for them more than anyone or anything else.An animal’s loyalty can never be judge because of its capacity.This is a trait that makes an animal unique in their own way.Animal’s loyalty is way better than any humans because that animal sticks by its person throughout each phase of the animal’s life.Humans like to jump ship a bunch,while animals do not.They love the owner is they are good until one of them passes away.

Friends are people who stick by each other through thick and thin.Best friends are the best at their jobs.Why a dog,cat,or other animal cannot be considered as that?They can make a whole lot better option of a friend that any human can.They love more than any human and never turn their back on anyone.They make up the complete package when it comes to friends.

As anyone can see,friends are the ones we pick to go through life with and trust with our lives.A best friend,though,is someone who never leaves a person’s side.A great way to put this is by saying that no matter where we are in the world,we will always feel the love of an animal.Many people follow the quote that states that a dog is considered to be,”Man’s best friend,” and I have to agree with it because of no matter who we meet,we will have a fun-loving animal waiting on us when we leave.

No more nominating a special person as a “best friend” when a best friend is that creature that helps the owner get through the hardest of times no matter the day or hour.It shows that it cares,especially when the owner needs it.Pets are the only solution to be any person’s best friend because they always use their “puppy dog eyes” to get the owner’s attention.There should be no need for a best friend when a pet can do the same job without the pet even knowing it.Pets are the best friends of many people and they do it with no effort.There is literally no need for a best friend because they are a whole bunch of pets in the world around us just waiting for that perfect owner.Pets even provide the information that is known as with every person we meet, we are thankful to have an understanding pet just waiting at home for us to love.

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