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The common synonym for homosexual, gay, was initially used as a code word between homosexuals. It has moved into common speech to describe homosexual women and men, as well as the socio-political concerns related to homosexual orientation. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a homosexual as a person who is sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Over time, the word ‘gay’ has primarily been used to refer to homosexual men while a lesbian is a female who is attracted to...
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An appropriate research methodology is vital in finding answers to the research question being investigated (Kumar, 2014). Direct research with LGBT prospective adoptive and foster parents and those who have already been through the process was first considered. However, as engaging this population in research is often challenging (Cossar and Neil 2010) a systematic literature review was undertaken. The literature reviewed systematically seeks to summarise and make sense of a body of research and present an analysis; this collects all...
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Did you know that in the year of 2016 in Mississippi a law trying to ban gay adoption was rescind, which made it legal for gay couples to adopt in all 50 states? My topic is solely based on if gay couples should have the same adoption rights as straight couples? In my opinion I believe that gay couples should most definitely have the same adoption rights as any other straight couple because at the end of the day we...
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LGBT couples in Italy should be given the same adoption rights as straight couples because LGBT adoptions have actual advantages to both the parents and adopted children and children raised in same-sex households have no significant differences in well-being outcomes compared to other children. INTRODUCTION Imagine if you finally found the perfect soulmate that you have always dreamed of. Like a dream come true, you plan to have a loving family and raise adorable children with your significant other through...
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When you think of parents, what do you think? The conventional idea in today’s society is that parents should include a man and woman relationship (or more commonly known, heterosexual marriage). But what people refuse to acknowledge is that there is an observable rise in the amount of gay parents across the globe. I have presented facts and figures to prove so. According to an article by ‘LIFELONG ADOPTIONS’; “The number of same-sex couples who have adopted children has more...
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In today’s society, despite the obvious legal process that has been made in developing the image of a modern family regarding same sex parents, a key issue remains: the number of gay couples receiving unwanted or negative attention regarding to starting their own family. Although support and tolerance for the gay community is increasing, there still seems to be a debate on whether gay couples are fit to raise a child. Many people believe that being raised by gay parents...
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