Hard Work to Make Dreams Come True

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Ever since I can remember, I have been intrigued by how things in the world go round. I like getting my hands dirty and trying to invent my own unique creations like, my own homemade restaurant with bad sketches of multiple blueprints of how I wanted it to look like. Blueprints just sucks me in and I can spend hours looking at how every detail pulls together the end product. My grandfather used to show me how clocks work and it fascinated my young naive mind and made me who I am today. I want to learn all I can about engineering so i can make my own blueprints and help build homes and building complexes. I am not the greatest at math but my momma has always said, “If you want something bad enough you will figure out how to get it”. Strive for your dreams and do not let anyone take it away, always take pride in what you believe in.

Engineering captivates me because you can be in charge of how something is built. You are the one who gets to create and design something wonderful and amazing. I got really interested in engineering in my tenth grade of school. It was my first year of trade school and one course we had to take to get our credentials was blueprint reading. Sometimes it's hard for me to know where to look, but I ask questions and once I start, I won't stop until I'm done. It really opened my eyes to so many amazing wonders. I am always excited to learn about blueprints and how each symbol corresponds with different trades. Currently I am a training to be a structural and pipe welder and I have learned most of the symbols and what they mean. It is important to know what each symbols mean so you can get the job right the first time.

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Always work hard for you dreams no matter how many times you fall. Like my favorite Imagine Dragons song says, you can take the easy way out but fall short of something and just give up, or r you can get up and keep going because you have come all this way for something amazing. Honestly knowing this helps me in my welding, it shows me that even though I struggle there is always room to learn and to grow. I just have to keep moving and never looked down if I want to get to where I want to be in life, and I strive to be a famous engineer that is known around the world for her amazing works. Even on my darkest days I still come with a positive attitude because having a bad one will get you nowhere in life. Also, I do not want to be the one bad apple that messes everyone else up. If one person has a bad attitude, they will not give their 100% and that can jeopardize the whole system of work.

Safety is also a high point in what captivates me about construction. The bridge that fell in Miami Florida, has caused a high level of concern for me. You would think that the construction company that built the bridge would have taken a little more precaution. Sadly, this is not the case sometimes, people get complacent and that is when accidents happen. I have heard so many horrific stories of people being injured or killed on job sites. Every time a worker gets tired or complacent, they themselves or someone else pays for it. It is hard to tell a family that their husband, wife or child will not be coming home, but sadly that happens regularly in the field. Now I will say that we have better safety than we used to have; safety used to not be important to anyone, if someone fell off a high-rise building, they would already be sending up another worker. We are not replaceable and I want to just show the world that.

I have worked for Hoar Constructions and Brasfield & Gorrie in the past as a part of getting in the field training. To me, personally, it was the most fun I have had. Hoar is a good company to work with and they make it fun to learn how to do new things. They taught me a lot of good life lessons and I got to learn how to read blueprints while I worked with them. BRasfield & Gorrie was a new ball game, I was thrown in without knowing how to do a lot of the things they did. They threw me into being part of a demolition team for the inside of the building. We took apart cabinets and put new walls inside the church. It was hard and I did struggle through a lot of the work but I learn new things. Even though I got fired for either ‘horseplay’ or ‘talkin’, I do not hold that bad experience against the whole group. Why should I hold one bad experience against the name of Brasfield & Gorrie, when only one person made my time bad. It really opened my eyes to the world though. It showed me how cruel and nice the world can be.

I want to go to college and learn more about engineering and maybe after I graduate, I can meet some engineers and learn from them. I love hearing about what’s been built in the world today and how it helps with the production. I would like to really meet Elon Musk for sure. He is pretty cool once you think about how he sent his car into space. Right now, I just need to take baby steps and start learning more before I start making such complicated plans to meet Elon. Baby steps are the way to go when you do not know the right way to turn. But as of right now, college is my number one priority, because it would be really hard to get a masters in Engineering without it.

By now I feel like I am just droning on about how great construction and engineering is but I really want others to get captivated like I am. I love how it makes me feel accomplished when I finish a project. Many great engineers start out small, as a cleaner or as a helper and slowly progress up into higher ranks. I have always been told that construction work is not ladylike but I think that is what captivates me. I want to be different and I want to do something great with my life. I want other girls to see me and understand that it is okay to go out and be away from the blue collared field. I know it will not be easy but I will work hard for my job, and I will do anything in my power to achieve it.

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