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Has The Lockdown Around India And Worldwide Brought Rise In Domestic Violence?

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As we can see India has been under a lockdown in order to protect the people from the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been more than one month where all society is dealing with this pandemic. But here we can see that it has been a greater impact on women. COVID -19 has poses a threat to women’s livelihoods and as well as increases their burden at home.

Woman is a creation of god who is not equal brave to the man. No man have right over woman to oppress her, insult her and abuse her. Women have been faced these difficulties in every ages why it is a woman who always bear the violence of the world but still remain silent, why world not ever let a woman raise up and kept her overloaded in the difficult times and used her as an object. The same thing is repeating, women around the world is being oppressed and abused in this pandemic. In some homes people might be comfort in, some may be doing work or anything usual but somewhere a woman is still being abused in lockdown. Women do not only face the cruelty of the people but she is harassed sexually, mentally and physically. When she is persecuted she doesn’t dare to look up and fight back because she is afraid it can be worst if she takes any action against the person who is torturing her, she is helpless in this isolation. No option left for her. . No man has right to lock her in this lockdown just because they have no other thing to do except for doing wrong thing to his wife during this pandemic. If we really go in deep enough so it was only woman who helped men in his hard time, who got sacrificed for her king in the battles, who always suffered in the war, who took care of her kids when there was a war or world war. The pandemic is exposing and exploiting in equalities of all the kinds, including gender inequality. If we really thought about it, in long term it has a great impact on women in terms related to their health, rights and freedom.

The national strategy against the COVID-19 emphasis that home is the safest place to be but ironically, it become the most unsafe place for the domestic violence victims as they are forced to be live with abusers. Domestic violence can be done verbally, psychologically, sexually and financially. The men in the current atmosphere facing the fear, uncertainty, food security and unemployment leading them create the feeling of inadequacy in them. All these factors aggravate the tension in homes and lead to make women victims if those tensions. Women are trapped with their abusive partners and they have no protection regarding to it. The literature on domestic violence suggests that when men and women get employed, domestic violence tends to fall as interaction between couples reduce. But due to lockdown, peoples are interacting more to each other which created more tensions among them unnecessarily.

In recent weeks it has been seen a global surge in domestic violence. In India the National Commission for women has reported a large increase in distress calls from victims of domestic violence since the pandemic broke out. In the first week of the lockdown, several complaints has been filed and according to the report of National Commission for Women a complaint was received from a father in Rajasthan who said that his daughter had been beaten by her husband and had not been provided food since the lockdown began. There are a lot of similar incidents are there which is still not shown or come out publicly. Women are bearing all these situations and cannot do anything about it. These reports should make the government to take some measures regarding the domestic violence and should make such laws related to it so that the victims of domestic violence should not suffered. The National commission for Women has appealed to women that if there any violence has done against them they should complaint to their nearest police stations or call for State Women’s Commission for their help.

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Domestic violence is already widespread in India and still it is under reported. The United Nations recognises domestic violence against women as a shadow pandemic. Not only in India, the COVID-19 has make a huge spike in domestic violence against women in countries like China, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Bangladesh. The United Nation Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) has urged the member-states to take prevention regarding the domestic violence against women and women should provide shelters and helplines essential services in this pandemic. As per the data compiled by the UN body, has seen an increase of 30% regarding the domestic violence since the lockdown. In Argentina, the emergency calls of domestic violence cases has increased by 25% since the lockdown has imposed and in Cyprus by 30%, in Singapore by 33% increased calls has been registered. Various measures has been taken by different countries, the French government has extended the monetary support to those organisations which are dealing with this crisis. British activists has also appealed to their government that they should release their emergency fund to those organisations which are dealing with the domestic violence issues. We need to take these precautions related to this issue seriously so that it can prevent widening of the rift between men and women in our society.

That’s why a women always should be independent and free from the prison of some cruel and godless men. Somewhere in the world women are getting a punishment without committing any sin. When a woman is a single parent, who daily goes out for her children to get them a meal to have. When she is alone on her way, she has fear she might get hurt by stranger. Living in India being a single parent living alone for her daily survival is one of the toughest task in today’s time. But in reality Society has never accepted a woman to be independent or an educated woman who could be responsible on her own. Man has no right no authority on women.

Laws are made to gives humans their rights but society is not aware of a women’s need and laws for woman should be given from the Holy Scriptures that is the best law in the world. If people read the holy book, they will understand which path is right for them. World has always been confused about a women’s rights and has always been cruel to the woman when it come to her equal rights. In today’s time an Indian women who got raped still don’t get justice in our nation, when a new born baby girl got raped and criminal didn’t get his punishment in a proper way. Laws in our country are not going to be enough until man don’t get punished for his crime. There is all solutions, proves and rights in the holy book that a woman can ever get. Safety of a woman is a big thing, she should be protected first then everything could work. The fear should be in the hearts of the criminals towards law. Domestic violence is growing day by day in the lockdown.

The action must be taken against violent husbands, fearless men, filthy guys who ever mistreated a woman. People must be aware of these cruelty being done to a woman whom she might be facing this for the rest of her life. Victim should have provided the facility of women national domestic hotline during this lockdown so if any case came to be appear then helpline service can help the victim. Just before the coronavirus lockdown was imposed in India on 25st march, a young woman rushed to her mother’s place in Delhi to save herself from the verbal and physical torture of her spouse. So se could live at peace and safe. My message to the world is that a woman always suffered and bear the violence in every case whether it is the fault of other people but only woman suffer. How an abusive relationship always involve an imbalance of power and control. An abuser uses intimidating, hurtful words. It might not be easy to identify domestic violence at first. There should be a full-stop on this violence. It can be hard to recognize or admit that you’re in an abusive relationship. No one deserve to be abused.

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