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The story starts with a preface about how the book was written; the unnamed narrator was a custom house surveyor who, in the attic, found a manuscript and a gold-embroidered patch of cloth in the shape of an “A”. The manuscript was the work of a past surveyor hundreds of years ago; when the narrator lost his job, he decided to write a fictional novel of the events in the manuscript and The Scarlet Letter was the final product. The...
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Subject: “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life” case study analysis Introduction The memorandum is about an article “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life” by Jon Ronso published in the New York Times on 12th June 2015. The report is concerning the case of Justine Sacco’s offensive tweet and the aftereffects of the tweet. The article also includes the interview of different people who were involved in the incident. This allows the author to dive...
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Public shaming has gotten out of control in today's world. It is mainly happening to anyone from middle school to college students. Online Shaming is a type of Internet vigilantism where targets are openly mortified for activities done secretly or without needing proposed open communicate utilizing innovation like social and new media. Advocates of disgracing consider it to be a type of online cooperation that permits hacktivists and digital nonconformists to right shameful acts. Pundits consider it to be an...
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In this tech savvy world potential audience is obsessed with the social media and how to get popular on social media. However, some may not know the repercussions or being humiliated online across globe. There are two categories of people one who posts videos of being rude, arguing, littering and singing or dancing poorly to get popularity and others are one who do shame or makes trolls on those video recordings. Public shaming is bad in my viewpoint as it...
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Centuries ago, citizens were shamed in pillories, singled out and helpless, while the public were invited to shame and judge the offenders. Nowadays, the ancient almost barbaric punishment of public shaming has returned as a modernised equivalent. These new pillories go by the names of Facebook and Twitter. Social Media gives the voiceless a voice which is powerful, eloquent and heard. When the misuse of power is perceived. Society feels as if it is their duty to ‘right’ the wrong...
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Some say this day in age, jokes can be misconstrued and have a deeper meaning behind the person actually saying them. The Author Jon Ronson goes into depth with people about how they’ve handled being publicly shamed and how they’ve given public shame. Justine Sacco became victim to what it was like being publicly shamed and humiliated. Many people got involved in this case of Justine Sacco, like Sam Biddle who essentially started the trend because he shared it to...
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Language plays a vital role in every communication of human life where people are able to speak and understand each other. However, despite having language, some people have misused the privilege of language to shame others for their incompetence. This denotes the idea of ‘language shaming’ where people used to mock the accent, pronunciation of the words, grammars and everything that may unconsciously affect the speaker. In fact, this social issue has been enormously grown in many generations either in...
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A complex subject, criminology encompasses numerous different disciplines. For this reason a universally accepted definition ceases to exist; however, most scholars agree it is the scientific study of crime (Jeffery, 1959), which involves the “processes of making laws, of breaking laws, and of reacting toward the breaking of laws” (Sutherland, 1947. p.1). A key area of interest in criminology is crime control, which entails a broad range of evolving strategies implemented to prevent crime. In 2016 the Home Office published...
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