Historical Evidence of Salem Witch Trials: Opinion Essay

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Afflicted girls screamed in fear, holding on to one another in terror. Scared witnesses in the courtroom looked on as the girls pointed into the empty air, Each day, more townspeople were arrested and thrown in jail to wait for a hearing or trial, accused of witchcraft and teaming up with the devil. The people of Salem, Massachusetts didn’t know who to trust. Neighbor accused neighbor. Issues were blamed on witchcraft, and the accused were tired of their lives based on the testimony of the afflicted girls accusations that the suspects’ spirits were tormenting and threatening them. In the end, in the time of just a few short months, nearly thirty people had been executed by hanging. What led to such an extreme hysteria of panic that and made hundreds of people turn on each other. The salem witch trials were caused by ignored girls who were taken advantage of by reverend parris and not ergot poisoning

The Salem witch trials wouldn't have taken place if it wasn’t for the Puritans belief in witches. The puritans were a catholic group of people who traveled for religious reasons. The puritans were fundamentalists. fundamentalists are people who believe every word of the Bible they go to church everyday and they pray 24 hours a day. Since the Puritans were fundamentalists and believed every word in the Bible they believed this verse “ thou shalt suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18) that is the base of how the witch trials started this verse.

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The afflicted girls could not have gotten ergot poisoning. Because even if they made the bred with ergot with their hands and ate it. if they got ergot poisoning they would have died in a few months and they would have gangrene and their fingers would have turned black. So the girls getting ergot poisoning is very unlikely

The girls in the salem society were not really respected they had two jobs in life which was to stay home and cook and clean. the afflicted girls wanted more than that in life than to cook and clean and they felt ignored and they wanted attention. one of the afflicted girls Abigail Williams parents were murdered by native Americans right in front of her. she wanted revenge on the witches because puritan children were raised knowing that the Native Americans were witches. So the afflicted girls in slem society were ignored until the salem witch trials.

Reverend Parris was the father of Elizabeth Parris and uncle of Abigail Williams. the people on the east didn’t like3 reverend Parris and that’s where most of the accused witches were. The two afflicted girls who did most of the accusing are part of reverend Parrises family and one of the victims of the Witch trials George Burroughs was reverend Parris's number one enemy and Tituba the person who told the girls the stories and showed them voodoo tricks was reverend Parris’s slave so reverend Parris took advantage of the girls urge for more power to his own advantage.

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