How Are Film Techniques and Features Used in the Film 'Big Hero 6'? Essay

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‘Big Hero 6’ uses many different film techniques and features in interesting ways to engage the audience. The film big hero 6 was produced in 2014 by directors Chris Williams and Don Hall. The film is about a young robotics prodigy, Hiro, who forms a superhero team to fight against a villain. There are many different themes explored in the film to tell the story. ‘Loss’ is an important theme in the film as the main character, Hiro loses his brother Tadashi in a fire. ‘Forgiveness’ is another significant theme as the main character Hiro cannot grow as a person and save the city until he forgives the enemy, Professor Callaghan, for being the reason why Tadashi is dead. Therefore, the film uses many different film techniques and features to explore themes and engage the audience.

The theme ‘Loss’ is an important theme throughout the film and engages the audience in many ways through a variety of film techniques and features. Many characters in the film ‘Big Hero 6’ experience loss. Specifically, the main character Hiro. Hiro has experienced a significant amount of loss in his life and must work through it fighting against the grief to get on with his life. Hiro’s first experience of loss is when his brother Tadashi had died in a fire at the University. A wide angle and eye level shot of Hiro running towards the building to help his brother Tadashi before the university explodes. This shows the audience how Tadashi has been killed in the film. The non-diegetic sounds of intense and suspenseful background music also show how something terrible has happened. Another example used to explore the theme loss is when Professor Callaghan lost his daughter in the teleportation portal. A Medium shot is used when Professor Callaghan’s daughter Abigail flew into the portal with the pod, the portal started to malfunction destroying itself and keeping Abigail away in the teleporting dimension. When Abigail was gone, Professor Callaghan wanted to get revenge on Krei, so he stole Hiro’s microbots in the fire, and Tadashi died trying to save Callaghan, which had caused Hiro to experience loss. Another example is when Baymax had sacrificed himself to save both Abigail and Hiro, which had caused Hiro to experience loss once more. A close-up shot is used when Baymax tries to sacrifice himself, but Hiro didn’t want him too as he didn’t want to lose Baymax just like he had lost Tadashi in the fire.

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‘Bravery’ is defined as ‘courageous behavior or character’. Many characters exhibit bravery as they need to stand up and fight against Professor Callaghan and other wrong in their society and make things right. The Big Hero 6 come together to create new weapons and new creations, showcasing their bravery as they fought against the wrong in their society. This is an important theme as they needed to overcome their feelings of loss before they could move on and begin making things right in San Fransokyo. A medium shot is used when Hiro was brave enough to face against Yama in the bot fight, and Hiro showed bravery and he was the one who ended up winning the fight. Another example, a medium shot is used to show that the six of them are getting scanned and upgraded to fight against Callaghan. The music in the background builds up their courage so they can fight against Professor Callaghan. A third example, another medium shot is used earlier in the movie when Baymax was getting upgraded the first time to find Callaghan and stop him. Non-diegetic sounds are used such as suspenseful music as both Hiro and Baymax go out to fight and capture Professor Callaghan.

In conclusion, film techniques and features are used in many interesting ways to engage and audience. The importance of the theme ‘Loss’ when Hiro lost his brother Tadashi in the fire, he experienced loss and couldn’t deal with it, and then he knew it was time to move on. ‘Bravery’ is another theme used which is important as Hiro, Wasabi, Go-Go, Honey Lemon and Fred build up courage throughout the film and show bravery so that they can avenge Tadashi and stop Professor Callaghan as well as other threats and the other wrong in their society.

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