How To Make A Good First Impression To A Recruiter

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A first impression is born in a few moments. And if she does not decide on your success at a job interview, she sets the scene. How to make a good impression or correct the blow after a bad feeling; the recruiters tell us everything. 'Managers decide in the first seconds of a job interview,' says Cyril Capel, Associate Director of CCLD Recruitment. This first impression is thus forged very quickly, whether during a physical meeting or by telephone . Yohanna Daoudi, senior consultant at Fed Office, says it is reassuring: 'A first impression is a first impression.

The evaluation of personal and professional skills is happily performed on the entire interview. ''If he has shaken hands with the recruiter or has been very shy, he can explain that he is always reserved at first and he needs a few minutes to get in touch with his interlocutor.' The habit does not make the monk ... But a little anyway In this very short time, several elements will trigger the first perception. In a recruitment interview, 'it's a set of verbal and nonverbal elements, like the professional attire of the candidate,' says Yohanna Daoudi. If judging a candidate on his appearance is discriminatory, an inappropriate look can be detrimental and create a bad impression. 'You have to come with a neat appearance and work on your presentation. It is important to align with the company's dress code, recommends Cyril Capel. And since nonverbal communication takes precedence over content in the first few minutes, you need to pay particular attention to your actions and attitude. Body language can interfere in the way the recruiter perceives the candidate. 'A soft or firm handshake, a straight or fleeing look, sitting or getting up when the recruiter enters the room ... are dozens of information sent in seconds that build this first impression,' adds Fabrice Coudray, Director at Robert Half.

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Fortunately, everything is working upstream by preparing his presentation speech, training with a close, filming himself. The phone counts! The first impression can be formed even before the real meeting, when the recruiter calls you to set an appointment. It is then at the tone of the voice and its words that the candidate will be judged. 'Repetitive twitches of language like' uh ', using the same words, or difficulty answering questions can annoy the recruiter,' says Cyril Capel. 'To make a good impression, the candidate must not hesitate to talk with his entourage so that the first minute positively engages the telephone contact,' said Yohanna Daoudi. To speak too loud, to whisper, to be in a noisy environment are all elements that will generate a first bad impression. ' You must immediately be in the conversation and understand the objectives of the call. If this is not the case, the candidate must not hesitate to take the contact information of the recruiter and ask him if he can recall it later , says Cyril Capel. It will be much more professional. ' Turning the Corner blows of facts and figures

A bad start sharing can however be corrected. 'Candidates do not always know how to proceed, especially since you have to show emotional intelligence and be able to gain height. Some will tend to exaggerate their success to rectify the shot, 'notes Cyril Capel. While ' to make up for a first bad impression, you simply have to play down the exercise to better bounce back.; try to relax gradually and be attentive to the questions of the interlocutor, 'advises Yohanna Daoudi. Precise, quantified, factual answers will end up erasing a bad feeling of departure.

You slept badly? Say it, we will forgive you! A question about the candidate's flaws will allow him to address this first impression and turn the tide if necessary. 'If he has shaken hands with the recruiter or has been very shy, he can explain that he is always reserved at first and he needs a few minutes to be in tune with his interlocutor. 'Suggests Cyril Capel. Being open and sincere can also pay off. 'If he is a young dad and has had a bad night, he can talk about it at the end of the interview to explain why he was not on top right from the start of the interview; this will create a real climate of trust with the recruiter, 'concludes Fabrice Coudray.

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