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Improving Victim Resources

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Recent reports from Huffpost depict that one in four women will experience severe domestic violence in their lifetimes (Vagianos, 2017). Increasing our resources for victims of crimes and abuse can help make the community an overall better place. Victim resources should be not only expanded but also more accessible to everyone, expanding these resources will make victims feel safer and it will help reduce the amount of unreported crimes, as well as avoiding victim blaming. This will encourage the decrease in crime rates, help us build more trust between citizens and law enforcement, and increase the overall safety in our community.

Many crimes go unreported due to the fact that victims are afraid their reports could be ignored or leveled down, this idea is often derived from them thinking the crime being committed is their fault. Many people who are not in abusive relationships find it hard to understand why victims can’t just leave their abuser, when in reality leaving could result in a very dangerous situation(THEHOTLINE). This problem can not only be avoided by creating assistance programs, but also creating online help for victims who are stuck in situations in which they cannot escape or reach out for help. Often there are times in which someone close or important to us may be going through a situation like this. Domestic violence, emotional or physical abuse and neglect are some examples in which a victim could be in a potentially life threatening situation, therefore it is extremely important to reach out to them, with more charity and government funding we can build more safe houses and rehabilitation centers for victims of crime and abuse. Domestic violence has many different forms such as verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, or financial(DENVERGOV). A leading cause of the ignorance of such cases is caused by the lack of knowledge we are taught about domestic abuse and violence, rarely do we ever hear people talking about unhealthy relationships and their effects and warning signs. Certain individuals get to experience this behavior from parents or family first hand, in this case, the cycle of violence could possibly repeat itself, as it passes on from one generation to the next. A child who has an abusive parent may never know the difference of what’s right and what’s wrong since their parent wasn’t there to set a proper example. The schooling system is regretting to inform students about what a healthy and happy functioning family dynamic should look like, and whether or not they are a potential victim or have one nearby. Teachers and educational counselors should provide more information and discussion on this topic in hopes to give students more knowledge on such matters, it is only acknowledgement and care that can prevent and minimize such dangerous situations.

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In this day and age, crime is nearly inevitable and in most cases there is one or more victim involved, this makes it extremely important to educate people about crimes and abuse and give victims an outlet to receive the help they need to recover. Recovery is a long process and support systems are necessary. Creating resources such as affordable rehabilitation, education about crime, and financial help will better our community and make people feel safer, this can not only help victims but it can also help those who have been incarcerated and are left with little to nothing. When a victim has a solid support system, there is a higher sense of trust between them and the law enforcement they are working with. Obviously we have current resources, however many of them are expensive or non accessible for lots of people. One thing we can do is create a program in which those who were incarcerated for long periods of time can be reeducated about society and how it has changed while they were in prison, due to the number of incarcerated individuals, the United States loses an average of $60 billion per year from loss of labor, this can be greatly reduced by educating criminals so they do not return back to prison after they are released. (Bender, 2018). We also need to create more safe houses and financial help for victims of abuse, these simple changes can make a huge difference in how we live our lives.

I chose this topic because my best friend’s boyfriend has been struggling with drug abuse for about 8 years, he has been to prison and rehab but as you all know these are not always effective. At this point, rehab is too expensive for him so they only thing he has left that will keep him clean is being put back into prison. On top of this, his problem has caused him to be angry and abusive to his girlfriend, in this case it’s emotional abuse so there’s no physical evidence. This abuse has hurt our 10 year long friendship and she no longer talks to her family. You might be wondering, why doesn’t she just leave? She feels like if she leaves, his drug problem will become her fault. This is the reason why we need more resources, such as affordable counseling or discrete therapy so she can get the help she needs without his knowledge.

Victim Resources are a key component to the criminal justice system, not only will these sources help those who are being hurt, but they will also reduce the amount of crime in the future. Affordable counseling and therapy, rehab, and better education are just a few ways we can make our community a safer place for everyone. I strongly believe that bettering these resources could help reduce crime and strengthen our relationship with the law.

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