Indicators of Professionalism: Analytical Essay

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Having a job or a carrier doesn't mean that someone is professionally qualified. As David Maister said Professional is not a label you give yourself, it's a description you hope that others will apply to you. In recent decades, Professionalism has become an essential term among different occupations and it is supposed to be as positive. So, acting professionally tends to win the trust of many parties within the different professions. However, the meaning of professionalism tends to differ from one person to another. To be professional one should have different skills like communication skills, leadership skills, and time management but it is very important to have reflective practices in the relevant field. The theme of reflection suggests many aspects as we reflect on something to consider it in more detail or re-present it in an oral or written way, and also involves the complicated mental processing of issues (Moon, 1999). Sometimes people use reflection practices for making plans by looking at past experiences.

Historical views of professionalism make arguments about whether particular occupations are professions or not, and these arguments come up with the terms of profession, professionalism, and professionality. It is very hard to define these terms because of their semantic confusion, the limitation of identifying essential characteristics, and the dynamic process involved in professionalism.

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Profession simply means any vocation or business ( So the term is generally associated with any, and every type of 'black-coated 'and' white-collar 'occupation (Millerson 1998). The professional concept came from the middle ages from the perspectives of churchmen who were considered the most prominent group educated in the cathedral schools (Crook 2008). To give a definition and a clear picture of the professions many writers tried to describe the characteristics of professions but most of the definitions are biased with their occupational ideas. The profession's legal definition is described as a self-selected, self-disciplined group of individuals who hold themselves out to the public as possessing a special skill derived from education and training and who are prepared to exercise that skill primarily in the interest of others (Klass 1961). So, it is more likely public service which is not what you do to earn money, it is something more valuable than a job and it is combined with ethics and guidelines. The accountant may stress about professions as control over competence and reliability in an organized way and the value of practical experience (Millerson 1998).

The professional culture determines the nature of professionalism (Evans 2010). Professionalism, in its essence, is an attitude whereby you assume a particular role (Collier R 2017). Sometimes, Many Interpretations and definitions come under a broader sense of collective responsibilities and a range of activities. The profession's actual and potential authority, power, and influence, external agencies are subjective to designing and defining professions (Evans 2008). In his book 'The Rise of Professionalism' Larson stated that Researches argued about professions and professionalism as discourses of occupational change and social control (Larson 1977). In the introduction part of the book, the author argued that professionalism could be free from the difficult task of directly controlling a skilled task force but without much empirical confirmation.

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