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Is Animal Testing Necessary and Reliable?

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At what price do other living beings gain the right to their lives? As humans, our species have completely stripped our Earth and the inhabitants of purity and tranquility from the day Eve picked an apple from the tree. As humans, our species have wreaked havoc on every organism and their home for the sake of humanity. As humans now in the 21st century, our species have yet to find the answer to the dichotomy of whether human lives are more valuable than other living beings. While some animal experiments have been deemed significant towards humanity, it is unquestionably evident that animal experimentation should no longer be necessary in 2019. With the up rise of revolutionary technology and many well-established non animal methods, it seems inconceivable that animals are still being tortured barbarically without much scrutiny – especially when these outdated experiments lack reliability in the sense of predicting human diseases.

A factor that plays a significant role in impacting the results of these experiments are the extremely stressful conditions and environment the animals are put through. Without a doubt, caging any animal in from their natural habitat and placing them in a new environment is enough to drive them anxious and confused. Not to mention, they are surrounded by multiple of compounding components that are seen in most laboratories. “…artificial lighting, exposure to loud or aversive sound, arousing odors, and uncomfortable temperatures or substrates… confinement-specific stressors such as restricted movement, reduced treat space, forced proximity to humans, reduced feeding opportunities…” (Morgan KN, Sources of stress in captivity) These external circumstances immensely influence the research results. Imagine how you would feel like if you were suddenly taken from your home and placed in a laboratory, to be tested on involuntarily.

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Not only do you not have a choice, but you’re then treated without remorse and brutally. Any sentient creature would be incredibly stressed and would be prone to a multitude of mental disorders, or even physical disorders. And so, when stress and anxiety is present, it can cause other conditions and diseases in the test subject itself. “…rats housed in such conditions show an inflammatory response in their intestines accompanied by leaky blood vessels.” (Baldwin A, Too stressed to work) Variables like these can ultimately impact the outcome, as underlying diseases and conditions will clash with whatever is used on the animals and create results that are not valid. Regardless or not if an animal is tested on in optimum conditions or in their natural habitat, human interference is enough to deviate the animal from being in their normal mental state. Simply put, these conditions can completely invalidate the futile practice of animal testing, as general scientific experiment rules are being violated each time.

Correspondingly, what makes animal experimentation even more flawed is the fact that we use animals to test the outcomes for humans. Most animals commonly used in experiments are mammals like us, but most fail to realize is that while we are all made up of genes – they all are coded and expressed differently for each species. For example, “The disruption of a gene in one strain of mice is lethal, whereas disruption of that gene in another strain has no effect… In other words, one strain of mice isn’t predictive of another strain of mice.” (Akhtar, Animals aren’t little humans) In other words, translation of human models and their diseases to animal models is misleading, as human genes and other organisms’ genes are expressed in completely contrasting ways.

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